I’m Not A Girl – When your child wishes people saw the real person beyond what public perception appears to be, I’m Not a Girl is a touching piece for those experiencing these changes and a realistic introduction for children who have not experienced this transition.

Who is Hannah?

His name is Hannah, which is traditionally a girl’s name, but Hannah is NOT a girl. Hannah’s birthday is coming up and his birthday wish is for a new word. Hannah is nervous to tell his parents who he really is. However, with some courage and the desire to be himself, Hannah takes a chance that will change his life forever.

Transgender Books for Kids

Imagine trying to convince the world who you really are. This is what so many transgendered children go through every day. This book is a wonderful introduction for all children to realize what it is like to want to be yourself. Maddox Lyons and Jessica Verdi write beautifully to give a wonderful story and explanation to children and adults. Illustrator Dana Simpson has us fall in love with the pictures and really relate to Hannah’s character through his facial expressions. I’m Not A Girl is powerful, poignant and brings an impactful message to children and adults alike.

Fun Facts

Author Maddox Lyons is only twelve years old when he wrote this! Being one of the youngest authors in the world is impressive, but writing something that is going to help humanity is a feat in itself. Maddox is a transgendered boy who does both advocacy and outreach with LBTQ+ organizations. Imagine making great change at such a young age.

Author Jessica Verdi has written many books for both children and young adults but we are so excited that this is her first picture book. She really has soared in her career.

Illustrator Dana Simpson has created comics to other picture books and continues her robust career by illustrating this wonderful book.

Looking For a Book with Impact

Pick up this book whether your child is a transgendered child or is not. It is great to understand the stories of our friends and community members and to expand our understanding of this world.

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