Triple Paste – When you have your little one, you try to change their diaper as quickly as possible so they are not sitting in mess. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your child gets a diaper rash. It can take a long time to cure a diaper rash and that is where this fantastic brand, Triple Paste steps in. Come and discover with us the different types of Triple Paste that will give the proper relief for your baby.

What Is It?

Triple paste is for diaper relief . It prevents diaper rashes, it can stop diaper rashes before they start. However if your baby already has a diaper rash it works two fold. Firstly, it treats the rash itself. It can restore the irritated skin back to health. Secondly, it soothes your baby, giving immediate soothing relief for babies with sensitive skin. This is the type of aid you need and it fits right in your diaper bag. The convienance of making sure your baby stays fresh and pain free is such a relief for parents! Secondly, having the ease of putting this tube of diaper rash relief in your purse or diaper bag makes it an easy way to keep healing or preventing your baby’s rash.

We also love that you can do all of this without the white mess of so many of their competitors. It is also pediatrician-recommended. We feel comforted that the experts believe in it as much as parents do.

We tested two Triple Paste Diaper Rash Relief Tubes:

Triple Paste Sheer Zinc

This little tube packs a punch! It spreads on clear without the white mess. Its sheer zinc has relief for your baby and begins healing that rash. We love that it is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and talc-free. We don’t want to put talc on our baby’s bum! This one is perfect for your average diaper rash or preventing a rash for your baby.

Triple Paste 3x Max

Sometimes rashes can be severe and hard to get rid of. We want your baby to experience healing and relief as soon as possible. This diaper cream not only heals and provides 3X the rash relief but also has skin-nourishing ingredients. This includes but is not limited to Oat Extract, Beeswax, and Lanolin. Spoil your baby’s skin while it heals. Like the Triple Paste Sheer Zinc, it is hypoallergenic, Talc Free and Fragrance Free. It can fit in the purse or a diaper bag which makes it easy to use both at home and on the go.

Triple Paste

This brand is for keeping your baby clean, safe and smooth while they are wearing a diaper. Your baby will heal safely from a rash or have rashes preventing thanks to the Triple Paste and its safe ingredients. Parents trust Triple Paste for its quick healing capabilities and its easy to use paste. Baby’s are thankful that they can have a pain free, rash free upbringing so they can focus on growing and learning pain free.