That special moment with your children happen in an instant! Are you the parent who has half of the last year’s memories on your phone?  From pictures to video, we take a snap shot of a beautiful memory and it is instantly stored. Eugene Murphy, the owner and CEO of Tweekaboo, realized that there was a life story behind each text, picture, video and voicemail. Each memory was a part of a bigger story, so why not organize it into one? With that great idea, Tweekaboo was born!


This private feature can be used in many ways. Keep a pregnancy journal of every milestone in your nine months of preparation. Baby scans, little love notes and moments are a perfect future keepsake for your child! Or how about sending the last year summed up of your immediate family sent to your extended family and friends that live far away? Personalize it and make your family miles away smile and make them feel like they are there with you living these memories.

The best advice I ever got as a parent was from a kind woman passing by myself and my new baby as we went for a walk: “If you have to think about recording a special moment for more than a second,” She said a matter of fact, “Start recording! In years to come you will think that there could never have been enough videos and pictures to remember your child.” As my child grows, her advice has become more and more true.  What better way to instantly start then to use Tweekaboo?


Personalized, professional and private, your Tweekaboo account is an online diary of your child’s life! Share with everyone or selected people.

So if you are like many parents that need to organize their lives and worry about all of those videos, pictures, texts and special voicemails on your phone, get Tweekaboo and create a great keepsake for your family.

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