We asked our readers a tough question this week: What would be your advice for children that are bullied? In honour of Bullying Awareness Month, we received a few but similar answers.  Over the next month, we will have ample information for our readers about bullies and bullying prevention to keep your children safe. Here are our readers answers:


Charise Jewell     ‏@CRUNCHcompass

to ignore/laugh along/distract/avoid. And definitely tell us. Great bully tips in this book. pic.twitter.com/n9TAj2gM1b

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Marta Max     ‏@martamax

how parents should deal with #bullies pic.twitter.com/BTpVkkkTJb

    Tots In Action     ‏@TotsInAction how old are the kids you talking about? If they over 5yrs it’s best for them to just walk away.