We asked our readers how do they handle unwanted parenting advice? Here is what you said!


malika bourne     ‏@NoNoncentsNanna 

Some times I am so honest about not knowing it all it is embarrassing. Oh well, young parents need to know that don’t they?


malika bourne             ‏@NoNoncentsNanna                               

Gee, I give the advice now. 4 me when the advice was bad from in-laws- i used to cry.


CanadianCouponChick     ‏@CCouponchick

smile and nod and do what ever you want!


Kaycee W.     ‏@Kaycadilla

Smile, listen and say “thank you but…” then go into detail on most likely the opposite of their advice 😉


NavyWife&Momma     ‏@ilyaoynmw22

listen then say okay and walk away lol if I disagree it causes tensions and then I get mad and ill argue so I just walk away


Spartan Jedi     ‏@SpartanJediDad

I listen to any advise and my feedback is “I’ll check into that.’ I just understand its part of the new parenting process.

TheParentingProject     ‏@theParentingPJ

depends on the advice-if it’s mediocre I nod my head, say I’ll try. I prob won’t. If its absurd I’ll tell them&email proof


Veronic Tringle     ‏@verojohnson83

like the peinguin in Madagascar: Just smile and wave. I know.i try my best, so i dont really care

Priestess Dorretta     ‏@DorrettaHaynes

and btw, I hate it the most when its from my MIL or anyone else who has only seen my son (5mo 3 wks) a few times in his life.

  • besides HATING it I grit my teeth so I dont say something awful, listen and then do what I want to or was going to do my way.


    MamasWithFullHearts     ‏@FullHandsHearts

    @I usually smile and say thanks, people love to dish out advice- I’m sure I’ll be guilty of it at some point! 😉

    •  I just seem interested, but don’t say I’ll do it. Then I ignore it and do what I feel best.


      malika bourne     ‏@NoNoncentsNanna

      Gee, I give the advice now. 4 me when the advice was bad from in-laws- i used to cry.

Mai Le Edwards     ‏@TheMommySuite

I usually say thank you so much for the advice, but I know what my child needs/wants since I know my daughter the best.

       ‏@Neoyamang                 i just nod, smile n walk away


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