We asked our readers what is their favourite boy and girl names? Some of our pregnant readers could use some inspiration! Here is what they said! Special thank you to everyone who participated. We appreciate your responses.


Gbadamosi olubunmi     ‏@Gbadamosiolubun

Boy: cephas girl: Kimberly

Nicole S.     ‏@BradsMommy210

Bradley for a boy and Lydia for a girl


Victoria N Kalemba     ‏@VickyNKalemba

girl:Gianna boy:Seth

  • Aubrey and Jackson

    Mia Michelle     ‏@4theloveofmia            Mia Michelle & Jordan Ryan

    Tina Stephens      ‏@TINA0016                Aaron and Nell
    Tina Stephens      ‏@TINA0016                 Can’t leave my other kids out so Luke and Scarlet as well!!
    •  Helen Wilson-Beevers     ‏@mummymode

      Boy: Theo, Girl: Lyla. But I’m slightly biased as they are my children’s names!

      Alison Wood     ‏@luv2bemommy

      Ethan and Anna