Last Tuesday, we asked our readers what kind of sports and/or activities are your children involved in? One thing is for sure, our Baby Spot readers have their children in an array of activities! Read this list to either relate to or use for inspiration!




Meredith- Violin, volleyball and a photography class for my teenaged girl!

Daniel M- Football, dance class and piano.

Abbey- Both of my pre teens are in a youth group and one is also in a debate club.

Stella C- My girls are in hockey, golf and tennis!

Beth- My baby is in baby sign class, a library class, a swimming class and a music class! I am busier now then I was at work 🙂


dance netball football & clarinet phew makes me tired just typing it. Busy kids!

tae kwon do, hockey, swimming, drums, & piano. Yup, we need to scale back.