We asked our readers for last week’s Tweetback Tuesday what was their biggest adjustment since they had kids. Here are the funny, wise, witty and touching responses!


The Pinterest Mom     ‏@Thepinterestmom

How I prayed.

CanadianCouponChick     @CCouponchick the lack of sleep that you really never get use to

Henny Maltby     ‏@HennyMaltby                52m @thebabyspotca  I started a children’s portrait business in the past few weeks! http://www.hennymaltby.com  pic.twitter.com/N3ZF1QjfkO

Henny Maltby     ‏@HennyMaltby@thebabyspotca having to get used to no sleep

  • I left my teaching job, and can now choose my own hours allowing me to spend more time with my family 🙂

    Val the Doula     ‏@TwoLinesMama   -pregnancy has forced me to set boundaries, slow down, and practice good self care for the 1st time in my life!
    La modista de Atenea     ‏@modistadeatenea   – I quit sleeping for 2,5 years 🙂