Some of us have pregnancy cravings, while others do not! Our readers dished (and served) their pregnancy cravings while they were pregnant. Can you relate?


Mia Michelle     ‏@4theloveofmia

Rold Gold Pretzels I ate the 1 pound bag with a huge bottle of water. Gave birth 3/31/13 and I haven’t eaten a pretzel since

Mai Le Edwards     ‏@TheMommySuite

my 1st- oranges, I am now pregnant with second baby and all I want is juicy steak and salty foods.

Kaycee W.     ‏@Kaycadilla

with my son it was hotdogs (ihatethem) & spaghetti, with my daughter all I ever wanted was rofo fried chicken and candy!!

Nicole S.  @BradsMommy210– lime popsicles!

 Victoria N Kalemba- @VickyNKalemba – peanut butter
Crystal      ‏@Momma_CrystalT               kfc’s mashed potatoes and gravy with honey.
NavyWife&Momma     ‏@ilyaoynmw22  – ice
Kristin Mcclintock- @momma_carson- cottage cheese! And grilled cheese sandwhiches dipped in honey mustard