Twin Doctors Are An Inspiration To Families Everywhere

When twins LaToya and LaTonya, were born, everyone was excited to see these beautiful bouncing twins, but to watch them grow to become twin doctors was incredible. Here is the story about their journey from little ones two 2x Valedictorian and Salutatorian in their class. Learn how Mom Gail Harris describes raising children into doctors with her husband.

What was is like when you found out that you were having twins?

A: TerrifyingMy pregnancy was not planned, and I was more focused on my career than becoming a Mom at that time.   I loved children but was unsure how I would be able to balance a career and motherhood. My Mom was a stay at home Mom and was very involved in my childhood and I was afraid I would not be able to give them what they needed most; time.

Tell us your birth experience. What was the birth experience for both of your twins like?

A:  Five months into my pregnancy, I began experiencing contractions but with medication and plenty of bed rest, I was able to carry the girls for 32 weeks.  At birth they were 4.5 and 4.1 lbs. and due to their underdevelopment, they remained in the neonatal unit for 2 weeks. It was difficult trying to recover myself and visiting them daily, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. Once their weight was at 5 lbs. and they were able to eat on their own, we were able to bring them home and that is where the real work began.

Tell us about both of your twins. What are their likes and personalities like?

A: The girls are very kind with a loving and giving spirit.  They will sacrifice their to do list to help a friend or a strange. They are very structured, organized, and disciplined in achieving their goals.   LaToya is 4 minutes older than LaTonya and is the big sister.   Both introverts, LaToya is more social and normally speaks up first.  LaTonya is more reserved and softer spoken.

What is one interesting thing about having twins that our audience may not know?

A:  Equality is huge for twins.  What you do for one, you must do for the other as to not create a situation where one feels more loved than the other.

You always believed in working closely with your children. Why is it so important for parents to take time to learn with their children?

A:  It is important you are an active participant in your child’s learning so that you are aware of their potential. 

Tell us the story when one of your twins had a different grade than the other and you had o speak to the teacher about future placement.

A:  The girls developed a thirst for learning at a very young age and did not want to miss a day of school for any reason.  They were sick the night before taking the Iowa Basics Skills test.  We encouraged the girls to stay home and take the makeup test, but they were not having it.  Against our best wishes, they went to school and took the test.  The results were not great.  As their 5th grade year ended, we wanted to enroll them into the Honors program for their middle school because they made the “A Honor Roll” from 1st grade through 5th grade and obtained 100% on all standardized testing. The counselor informed us because LaTonya did not do well on her Iowa Basics Skills test, they would not be allowed to go into the Honors program.  We explained to the counselor our disagreement and she explained that we would have to write a letter to the Superintendent of Schools before they would be allowed into the program.  After writing the letter, they enrolled in all Honors classes for 6th grade.

What was it like to see your children graduate high school as Valedictorian and Saluatorian of their class?

A:  Considering how the doctors told us that due to their early birth, they would have learning disabilities and their elementary school counselor not supporting honors courses, we were extremely proud.  Their hard work and determination paid off.

Why is it so important to know what is going on in your children’s school?

A: It is important to know what is going on in your children’s school because you must be your child’s advocate.  Teachers do a great job, but it is not solely up to them to educate your child.  As parents it is our responsibility to help foster that education, identify their potential so you are not placing the responsibility on the teacher in an overcrowded classroom to dictate what is best for your child.

What was it like to find out that both of your children were accepted into medical school?

A: They had graduated with their Master’s in Sports Management and working for Yeti in Austin, TX.  I received a phone call from them one day stating they were unsure of their purpose at Yeti and really missed working at the gym helping others and was considering Chiropractic Medicine.  My advice was, you are young, no husband, and no children, go for what you are passionate about and that is where you will find your happiness.  


The two beauties did a double take! After going on for their doctoral program, they are Valedictorian and Salutatorian again! Did you have any idea this would happen, or did it come as a complete surprise?

A: They girls are very disciplined in their studies and have missed out on so many social activities with friends that it was not a surprise that they would finish at the top of their class.  Education has been a priority for them.

Your girls decided to go into a career that not only saves lives but changes lives from day to day. They will both be doctors of chiropractic medicine. Do you see a correlation to your children’s personalities and spirit and the field of work that they chose?

A:  Yes, because they always want to help someone.  It does not matter if they have known them for a long time or have just met them, if they can help in any way, they will.

It all happens so quickly! Gail, what is your advice to future parents out there that find it hard to balance work and a family?

A:  It’s not easy balancing both work and a family but my advice would be to develop structure for you children.  Parents make sure you are creating an environment that is conducive to learning in your home by building guidelines for studying, social time, and bedtime.  Make sure they have breakfast before heading into the classroom.  Parents do your part to help foster their education by making sure assignments are completed and turned in on time. Develop a relationship with their teachers so that they know you are just as invested in their education as they are.  Creating good habits at an early age, creates the discipline they will need as they get older. Lastly, even when you are tired from a long day of work, do it anyway as investing in your children is the best investment you will every make.

We would like to congratulate Dr. LaToya and Dr. LaTonya our future doctors of Chiropractic Medicine. We know that they will be big stars and great role models for our young audience.