TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro

It takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, there is no question that parents need a strong community (extended family and friends) to help raise, educate and nurture their children. However, globally, many families do not fit into the mold of one father and one mother raising a family. As many of us build a strong community for our household. It is a wonderful reminder that even though your family may not be traditional, it can be definitely inspirational.  Love is the key ingredient to every home, regardless of its shape. TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro is about just that, love.  This movie is about a family who created a community to love and nurture two little boys. The Baby Spot sat down to interview Curtis Shaw Child and director Heather Winters about this truly touching story.

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What TWO: The Story Of Roman And Nyro is About

TWO is about songwriter Desmond Child and his partner, actor Curtis Shaw and their dear friend and surrogate mother, Angela Whittaker. Desmond and Curtis ask Angela a big question; to carry their baby that they had with an anonymous egg donor. Angela, inspired by a dream she has in India, agrees to give this beautiful gift and a family is born. The three quickly learn that they are blessed with twins and nine months later, Roman and Nyro Child enter the world.  Angela originally had kept an online diary of her pregnancy. Similarly, these videos and other home movies were put together by the talented director Heather Winters to show a captivating love story that transcends through politics, traditional family structures and other restrictions.

Love That Transcends

As I sat down with Curtis and Heather there was a few points about our interview that really hit home. Firstly, love transcends. It battles the traditional views of family. As you see quite clearly in the movie, this family is not your typical perfect white picketed fence. There is not proverbial one father, one mother and two children. It is your typical two Dad, two sons, one lovely surrogate mother, seven grandparents (and quite a few loving friends) family. Secondly, this scenario in itself is just as perfect as the first. It is no secret that these boys are loved unconditionally. They have great role models surrounding them.  The movie itself  is like the string theory.  It is a series of beautiful moments connected together. One may not understand how those moments intertwine at a time. However, like a painting created on a canvas, suddenly, it becomes this beautiful masterpiece.

Director Heather Winters

Director Heather Winters

TWO reminds us that every family comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are raised with one parent, step parents, guardians or extended family. Secondly, as many people yearn for more family members to love and support us, the Child family has many beautiful family members who love those two boys. It’s no secret why they were honored by the American Fertility Association. Above all, instead of allowing society to mold us into thinking that our non-traditional families are somehow out of the norm, we should embrace the love and eclectic family around us.  Lastly, this movie has aspects that everyone can relate to and take away such a love for family and the importance of community.

One happy family

One happy family

Should You Watch Two?

TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro is a movie that every parent should see. It’s a great reminder of all of the extended family and friends in our lives. Also, it reminds us how important they are in our child’s life. It also sends a clear message. Therefore, Each family is a different shape and yet a perfect fit when every member of that family is embraced.