Children in their age below 3 years are more likely to get sick sometimes and the saddest thing is their inability to tell what they are feeling. They are left with no option but to cry.

When you suspect that your child is sick, you cannot start speculating. You need something that will accurately tell you about your children’s wellbeing as this is the only way you can know what medical treatment to give to your baby.

One of the best ways to tell if your baby is unwell is when you use an accurate baby thermometer. A baby thermometer is one of the tools that a parent should never miss in their homes and if you don’t have one now, then ensure to buy.

However, you should not just go and buy any thermometer. You need to choose the right Thermometer for your baby. Note that babies particular need thermometers that are designed solely for them, and there are more accurate thermometers than others.

In this post, we have shared some of the accurate baby thermometers and some few factors you should consider when buying one.

Let’s get started!

What is baby thermometer?

Although most parents know what a baby thermometer is, it is good for others who don’t know.

A baby thermometer is a tool that helps to measure a baby’s body temperature. It works like any other thermometer; however, a baby thermometer is designed with more accuracy and is meant solely for babies.

Although thermometers are handy in that they can be used for monitoring body temperatures across a variety of age groups, it’s crucial to use a thermometer that is specifically designed for infants so that you get an accurate reading when you measure your baby’s body temperature.

Types of baby thermometers

There are different options to choose from when buying a thermometer for your baby. Here are the types:

  1. Digital thermometer

This thermometer is fitted with an electronic sensor on one end and a digital screen on the other end. This type of thermometer can be used in numerous ways. You can use it axillary, orally or rectally. Before you use it, check the label to know how it is used.

While digital thermometers are good, they cannot make the best thermometers for babies since taking an oral temperature on a baby is sometimes hard.

  1. Temporal artery thermometers

Sometimes referred to as the forehead thermometers, these are the latest thermometers and come at a costly price. The reason why they are expensive is that they are designed to use infrared technology to scan and measure the temperatures of the temporal artery on the forehead. You don’t actually touch your baby while using this type of thermometer and this makes them the safest and convenient. These thermometers are very accurate.


When buying your baby thermometer, it is good to consider some factors so that you get a tool that will help you in case you suspect your baby is unwell.  Always buy a thermometer that will give you accurate readings. Buy one that is recommended for babies.