Unlock! Escape Adventures- The Formula-

I have always been enthused by escape adventures. It felt like almost overnight that they started popping up across cities, each offering their own escape rooms where friends and family can figure out the mystery, solve and escape the room within an hours’ time. As great as this concept was, I am a parent and organizing a night where family and friends can get time off work and find a baby sitter to get together to play a game can be a challenge to say the least. But the idea of an Escape Room evening was so intriguing! If only we could play the game at someone’s house where we can have friends and family over, watch the kids and still have a great time trying to “escape”. But that is a tall order.

Unlock! Taught me that this was not only possible, but that they exclusively create games that are made for you to play from home with five of your other closest friends and family. When I was offered Unlock! Escape Adventures- the Formula- I was intrigued. I could have friends and family over to help us solve this mystery and not have to organize a big night complete with transportation and baby sitters.

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The App

You may think that the set up would be complicated but it could not be easier! All I had to do was to download the FREE app involved and I was thankful to learn that the app was not running online. For all of those data monitors, don’t worry, it is not connected to the internet eating your plan.

The cards did not require any organizing whatsoever. Inside of the game, there is an available tutorial and one game that can be played once with family and friends. This makes a great gift for other friends and family to explore and there are so many adventures that the Unlock! Escape adventures offer.

The Escape Room in Your Own House!

I want a game that is challenging but not impossible to set up or to understand. Thankfully, Unlock! Escape Adventures does just that. I knew that I had to start with the 10 minute tutorial to make sure I had what it takes to solve this mystery. I downloaded the app and my group and I pressed START on the game. Suddenly, the time began ticking down and we had our first card, a card that let us know what was around our escape room. We quickly scanned the card and saw that there were numbers of other cards that we needed to get. Everyone scrambled to get the cards that were around this virtual room and to put all of the pieces and clues together. The game had begun.

There was a lot of negotiating, ideas, insights and quick thinking. As we started to slowly put pieces together to get other clues, we made it out of the 10 minute tutorial with four minutes to spare. We did it! We were confident that the full version game would be a breeze. We were so wrong.

And I loved that we were wrong.

We decided to play the actual game, where you were given a unique and spooky scenario and one hour to get out of the escape room. We knew this time to gather the cards immediately after we were given the outline of the room. We turned over the cards and studied each one.


There are important clues within the pictures too!

I loved seeing how everyone’s mind worked during the game. Some people discovered certain clues within the picture while others cracked codes. One of us was really good at time management and another could put all of the pieces together with ease.

We advanced at a good pace and were in the second room. The exit was in our reach! We had to look for clues, patterns and think fast. There was only 20 minutes left and we had to come up with a cohesive strategy to ensure that we kept up and stayed ahead of time.

We escaped the room just shy of ten minutes to spare! It was so much fun to be in the comfort of your own home, not have to organize a night away and pay for a sitter. It was great just to enjoy family, friends and solve the big mystery. There were so many other mysteries available we can’t wait to get another Unlock! And move on to the next journey.

This game is perfect for families who want a night in and to do something different. It is also a game you will gladly pass on to friends once you are finished playing.

If you have been looking forward to testing your skills to an escape game with your whole family at home, then this is the series for you! We can’t wait to try the next one! Happy escaping.