We know that divorce can be some of the hardest times of someones life. Many of us going through a divorce wonder if hiring a private investigator can help them, especially if their spouse is doing things that are concerning such as emptying joint bank accounts or if their is a question of criminal action.  That’s why we sat down with our trusted Private Investigator and friend to The Baby Spot, Jax Menez Atwell, owner of Atwell Investigations and star of The History Channel’s Missing In Alaska.

Using A Private Investigator In Your Divorce

Unfortunately, many couples divorce. Do individuals use a Private Investigator in divorce proceedings?

Going through a separation in a relationship is always hard.  It is even harder when children are involved.  The “divorce” or paper work of an established relationship is just icing on the cake.  The important part to remember is always protect yourself.  It is better to have a backup plan to your plan A break up.  Let’s just be honest more often then not these things turn on you.

A private investigator can help you establish your back up plans and collect evidence before it is too late.  That is the main problem is that people wait way too long to start working on collecting items against their future ex.  It is better to have it and have the peace of mind to know you have it then to procrastinate and not have it when it is too late!

What types of scenarios render a Private Investigator?

In relationships there is at one point a degree of trust. In that trust there is always secrets to oneself that is revealed to their partner.  So during divorce proceedings sometimes it may be necessary to use those secrets to protect yourself.  The problem is most people go about it the wrong way. This is where an investigator can come in and help take any of those items and create a case that is based on evidence and not on “heat of the moment”.  It is a good idea in these turbulent times to have someone with a cooler head to help your case.  What happens a lot of the time is people spoil their shot at being able to create something worthwhile over using something to just hurt the other person.

Is the evidence a PI finds admissible in Family Court?

If evidence is obtained legally it most definitely can be used.  Family court can be a tricking thing though and just like any judicial proceeding that can leave you scratching your head, this too can sometimes get some very odd rulings.  This isn’t just an issue for investigators, this is an issue with law enforcement, lawyers, normal citizens representing themselves, etc.  You are truly at the mercy of the court and judge.

That being said, this is the reason why you should get all of your ducks in a row.  Do not leave anything to chance and make sure your case is solid in many aspects so you can succeed through your proceedings.

Can A PI go to divorce court to testify?

Absolutely investigators testify in court.  Investigators get called to testify in court very routinely.  Laws vary from place to place but a general rule of thumb is that the person who witnessed an incident or took part in an incident then they generally have to testify to their observations and actions. For a third party to testify to something they didn’t see, hear or do is usually called hearsay.  Hearsay is generally not admissible so your investigator will have to testify to the things he had involvement with during the case.

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