Ava Buttons is so organized and tidy! She takes charge and makes sure that everyhting is lined up, neat and easy to find. When Ava’s Christmas letter is returned to sender, Ava is so confused.

Santa’s workshop has been destroyed by a terrible storm. Everyone scrambles to figure out how to fix it but even the richest man on the planet is stumped on how to save Christmas. Enter the ever organized Ava Buttons with her faithful friends. They will save Christmas. It is time to make all of those Christmas dreams come true.

Feeling the true spirit of Christmas, the lovely Ava mentors her naughtiest friend Rowdy to stop his desire to receive gifts and to start giving them.

Very Christmas inspires your children and reminds them (and you) of the true meaning of Christmas, to help others. The timeless Christmas message is spread across this book. Author Simone Mets inspires both children and adults alike and challenges the reader to help others and champion for kindness.

Very Christmas is a staple for every family who wants to inspire their children with the true meaning of Christmas.