Vintage Valentines

Sometimes new is not always best. We love Vintage Valentines. These pop our Valentines cards take us back to a time where detail was taken into every single card. Thanks to Golden Books and Randomhouse Kids, you have beautiful Vintage Valentines to share with your children.

Whether they use them with their family or share them with their friends, these Vintage Valentines have a card for just about everyone.

How It Works

Each card pops out of its track easily. Little short lines tell you where to fold. There are instructions if there is something to place inside the card to make it pop out. The instructions are easy. Your children will be able to do it with minimal supervision or no supervision at all.

What We Love

We love that each card is layered in places with a fuzzy red feel that gives that extra appeal. Some of the cards have different pieces that you pop out and add yourself. This gives  a 3D affect. Each card is different, so there are no duplicates. The Valentines are not only for signing but also there for your children to build, with ease, without needing the help of Mom or Dad too much. We also love that no scissors are required, each card (no matter how big or small) just pops out from the page.

Each Valentine’s Day card comes with an adorable envelope. After all of the Valentines Day cards are used, you can simply recycle the skeleton of the book anywhere recycling is available.


Talk to your children about Valentine’s Day thought out the years and how people celebrated in the 1800s all the way until now. There have been some traditions that have passed on from generation to generation but also there have been some big changes. Giving them a fun history of Valentine’s Day will help them appreciate the vintage cards a lot more!

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