Top Virtual Baby Shower Ideas and Planning Inspiration

Whether the people you love live far away or circumstances beyond your control mean you will be throwing a baby shower virtually, we have some fun virtual baby shower games that you will enjoy! Learn how to create your own virtual baby shower and get some great virtual baby shower game ideas. Whether you are making a virtual baby shower for a co worker or a close family member, we have you covered!

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

Virtual baby shower video – A virtual baby shower is a shower thrown online for someone who is pregnant. With today’s technology, it can be done and can be a great time. You can invite the same amount of guests and have them log on from their computer to be a part of the celebration. Gifts can be sent straight to Mommy to bes door and it is a great way for those who can’t travel or may have special circumstances to attend.

How Do I Host A Virtual Baby Shower?

Hosting a virtual baby shower has never been easier! There are many free avenues that you can host a baby shower with an unlimited number of guests. Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and more are just some of the many ways you can host a virtual baby shower.

How to Set Up a Virtual Baby Shower

Choose a video conferencing service that all of your guests can join. Face to face is fun for the Mom to be, so everyone can see each other! Send a reminder email with the time to join. This will help everyone meet in one place and stay organized. You can include instructions in the invitation!

You can even give gifts to the winners virtually if you like. Amazon gift cards or gift cards to popular stores can be online coupons. Your guest can receive the gift and immediately get something that they like!

How Long Should A Virtual Baby Shower Be?

Like a regular baby shower, virtual showers can be up to 3 hours long. This can seem like a lot of time, but for the first 15 minutes of the shower, you may be waiting for guests to arrive. Some may have trouble signing in and may need your help.


Virtual Baby Shower Schedule

virtual baby shower schedule template

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Remember a virtual baby shower will not be the same as a regular baby shower but it can be just as fun! Here is an idea of how to break up the time for an online baby shower. Feel free to change this to suit your parties needs!

15 minutes to 30 minutes- Introduce yourself, the Mom to be and see if everyone has their signature drinks ready. Toast the Mom to be!

30 minutes -1 hour – explain and play game one. Make sure that if people need to download something that they have time to do so! Announce winner and know you can send them a gift card via email.

1 hour to 1.5 hours – explain second game!

1.5 hours -2 hours – Get Mommy to be to open her gifts and show everyone . If Mom does not want to do this, plan a third game.

2 hours-2.5 hours play a third game (or if you did not open gifts for everyone to see, give a quiz on how well everyone knows Mom to be!

2.5 hours to 3 hours- vitually hand out prizes, answer any questions of guests who may want to still send Mom to be a gift and give Mom some time to thank her guests for joining the virtual baby shower and have small talk.

Here are some great Virtual Baby Shower Games

The Ice Breaker

Have each guest say the best and worst piece of baby advice they ever received. This will warm the guests up to one another and is guaranteed to get some groans and laughs over the bad baby advice each guest has received or heard over their lifetimes. This game is going to bond the crowd!


Bingo is a great game that can be played virtually. You can email custom bingo cards to each player! The host can do the Bingo calls and whoever shouts bingo first, wins!

Well Wishes for the Mom to Be!

Ahead of the shower, get each guest to send their well wishes and write something nice about your Mom to be. Put the nice gestures in a video tribute for her and play it by sharing screen for all of the guests. You can do this on Zoom or have it play on Facebook live. Your Mom to be will be touched with all of the love they receive.

Guess the Age of the Parents to Be

Choose pictures of the parents from various ages. Have your guests send in their guesses of what ages of the parents to be. Have one extra picture as a tie breaker in case there is a tie. This will be fun for those who know them and for those who do not know one parent as well, they will start to see some of the beautiful memories they shared.

For The Music Lover

Gather a number of songs over the decades that have “baby”, “Mom,” “Dad” in it. Play it for only 10 seconds! Can your guests guess what song it is?

For The Historian

Search online to find popular baby products from over the years. Create an online album Hold up the picture to the screen. Give no information other than showing the picture. Can your guests guess what decade this baby product, baby toy or baby furniture is from? The winner is your official baby historian! This is a great bonding game between guests and some of these products are guaranteed to be wild and will get people laughing with each other.

For the Shopper

Set this one up like a virtual game show! Buy a number of random baby items or items that parents would need for baby. Put each item on the screen with three prices. Choose 5 guests at a time to guess the correct price. Whoever wins keeps competing in rounds until we have our winner. This game is also a great refresher for guests and parents alike to know the current prices on hot baby items.

For the Celebrity Lover

Find baby pictures of celebrities and share screen for your guests to see. Have your guest’s guess who is who. Choose babies that were born in the last few years or choose some of your parent to be’s favorite celebrity choices!

For The Quiz Savant

Send your guests beforehand 20 questions about your parents to be. Where did they meet? What names do they love? When was their first date? You can be creative. Be sure to get your parents to be to answer these questions before hand so you have an answer key in front of you. Whoever answers the most questions right, wins!

For The Singer

The host starts saying or singing a nursery rhyme. Choose a guest to finish the rhyme or story. Do they remember? This is a great refresher for parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents alike. The winner

The Best Guessing Game

In your home, create a large jar of your parents to best favorite candy, chocolate or treats. Have your guests guess how many are in the jar! The one closest to the number wins the jar which could either be mailed to them or you can send a small gift card instead.

For The Animal Lover

Create a list of 20 animals known and not well known. Have your guests guess at what the baby names for these animals are. Did they get them all correct? The biggest animal lover wins!

Name the Top Names

Have your guests guess the top baby names of the year! Whoever gets the most is the winner. No googling allowed.


Virtual Baby Shower Prizes

If you want to give baby shower prizes to the winners of your baby shower games, you can either mail the winners the prizes or you can send them e-gift cards to places that most people love to shop at. Use Amazon gift cards or use a big book store’s gift cards that can be send via email and used online.

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

If your parents to be want to thank people for attending, they can send an e-card, or keep it sweet with some of these adorable thank you cards we have found.

Mix a Virtual Baby Shower with a Traditional Baby Shower

If some of your guests are from out of town or out of country or you have a sick guest who would love to be there, mix your traditional baby shower with a virtual one by setting up the virtual guests on Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook live so they can be a part of the action! Baby Showers are evolving in these modern times.


Virtual Baby Showers Can Work!

Planning a Virtual Baby Shower does not have to be hard! With a good schedule, taking time to plan a virtual party and help others understand the system, this baby shower can go off without a hitch. If you can’t get together or you have too many people out of town, a virtual baby shower is the best way to connect loved ones to celebrate a new baby.

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