It’s no secret that Victoria, Canada is a great family getaway destination.  It is walkable, has great family friendly attractions and has a temperate climate that is easy for parents with small children. Now there is a great guide for parents to pick and choose what to do in Victoria with there children: Victoria With Kids!

If you’re a parent that wants to see the real Victoria then this is a great book for you that is tailored for a family in mind.

Victoria With Kids was different from the tourist advice websites and books because it promotes some of the local hotspots away from the touristy things to do. It also helps you find great spots to stay by giving you some good questions to ask before you do your research. Is it close to a grocery store? Does this hotel/motel have crib access? Sometimes we forget to ask these important questions when frantically planning for a trip.

We hope you never have to use them, but Victoria With Kids lists the hospitals and walk in clinics near by. It’s much easier to already have the information than relying on front desk at your hotel or trying to google them yourself.


Are you the family who wants to enrich their children with museums or are you the beach combing family looking for fun and relaxation? Perhaps you are a bit of both, looking for trendy restaurants and scenic drives all rolled up into one. Victoria With Kids tailors to all of your families needs.


Whether you are from the Greater Victoria Area looking for a great day trip or visiting from abroad wanting to see all Victoria has to offer, this book should be by your side before the trip! Buy Victoria With Kids  today to start planning a fantastic family vacation you will always remember!