Vlogger of The Year

Our Vlogger of the year is one of our favorite Dads! We want to congratulate Active Dads Rule Derrick Culpepper who is a viral sensation when his video of styling his beautiful daughter Linda’s hair was posted. He now hosts the dynamic duo morning show and has so many great videos that will inspire families.

Derrick is also a champion for fathers. He was a co host of the #DadsDoMatter Campaign, along with The Baby Spot, Laugaurdia Cross and Michelle Tapp Roseman. We know we have picked the perfect vlogger where we will be sharing his blogs regularly on our site.

Derrick also has a wonderful and highly successful wife, Lakisha, who we know you all will love. Together, they raise this beautiful family, where the children go for their dreams, are filled with love and will be a welcomed part of your homes.

This family is inspirational! We hope that you subscribe on Youtube and check in regularly with Derrick Culpepper and his amazing family!