While most people are celebrating the New Year with #goals and aspirations, we are spending the first few weeks going a little slower as a family! We are expecting our second child in just weeks and there is nothing better than to curl up with my oldest during the cold, wintery season and read a good book!

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We wanted something fun, exciting but also something that is going to make us THINK. We were so excited to get our package from National Geographic Kids! We were spoiled with not one but TWO books from the Weird but True Series. We knew that Canada was the first country to get its own Weird But True! And we could not wait to learn more about our fabulous country and some awesome Weird but True! Facts to talk and laugh about. After reading through each incredible book, we know that we want to collect the 25 books (so far) that Weird but True! Has in their product line.

What’s Inside…

Each page is bright with beautiful, bold pictures. The fonts are big and easy to read with what we like to call “sticky words” that really stick in your child’s brain and become facts that they remember. Weird but True! Has this unique and fantastic way of getting kids to learn while letting them have a fun time reading. It’s truly a rare skill.

For Curious Kids and The Reluctant Reader

Even if you have a child who is fearful or reluctant to read, be prepared for them to lose their fears and immerse themselves into the books. The facts and weird tidbits about the world will take their worries about reading away. I bet your child will learn some new words and phrases too while absorbing all of this fun wisdom.

Each book is compact that it can easily fit into a bag or a purse. It is great for both travel and keeping at home so your children can take these books anywhere!

Not only is Weird But True! Series incredible but it is the 10th Anniversary of the original Weird But True! Series Featuring 10 incredible volumes of Weird But True!

You can get your hands on this incredible series at the National Geographic Kids Website which has been recently updated and available for purchase.

Inside our incredible review package was:

National Geographic Kids Weird But True! Canada

Weird But True! Christmas

Weird But True! 10

Tote Bag

Tiger Animal Stuffie

Little Kids Dolphins

Weird But True! Canada

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

And our surprise bonus: Weird But True! 3

Weird But True! Canada

If Weird But True! Is the crown of National Geographic Kids, then Weird but True! Canada is its crown jewel. This book enlightened both my little one and I about Canada and with over 300 outrageous facts about the True North, there was so much to learn, laugh about and realize that we have one great country! Canada is the first country specific Weird but True! Book.  We love how it has wonderful and yet incredibly wacky facts, stats, tidbits and trivia about this beautiful country we call home. When you read all of them, you will be shocked about how weird but true each one is!

From the world’s largest UFO landing pad to the world’s first million dollar coin, our little one was “wowing” through page to page!

Okay, I have to level with you. These facts are supposed to be for kids. My little one loved every fact and the pictures are amazing. I have not seen another book like it! However, I was learning so much. James Bond was written about a real Canadian spy? Churchill, Manitoba has one of the most beautiful ways to see the Northern Lights, but I can’t spill every secret! One thing is for sure, it makes me rethink our family’s itinerary to see more of this beautiful country and visit some of these amazing, beautiful and weird but true places!

Weird But True 3 and 10

These books are incredible! With over  350 fun facts, your kids (and let’s face it, you too!) will learn and discover anything from weird animals, wild places, crazy inventions, freaky phenomena, astonishing feats and more fun facts all over this beautiful world. Like the Weird But True! Canada book, the Weird But True! Series has colourful, bold pictures guaranteed to capture your children’s attention. These fun and weird and exciting facts and insights are going to be the topic of conversation for a long time! Not to mention, these books may inspire your child to get involved in a certain field of research or study when they’re older. You may be getting a book that will inspire your child’s life path! These fun facts will definitely get your children to think in ways that they have never thought before.

These books show you that the whole world is wild, weird and wonderful and we are all bonded by these hard to believe facts about our beautiful Earth.

National Geographic Little Kids Dolphins!


I was so excited about this one! National Geographic Little Kids is the perfect magazine for your young explorer. We got to explore the Dolphins! Edition. There were incredible facts about Dolphins, fun facts about other incredible animals and insects from around the world. There was also great little facts with fill in the blanks and other little games for your child to play. Little does your little one know, that they are learning and fast! Our child loved the cards that were in the middle of the book of different beautiful animals and some fun facts about them on the back of the card.

National Geographic Kids

We loved the Animals Caught on Camera edition! It was full of secret photos, hidden messages and so much more! There was a personality quiz and some insight into the most amazing bling from around the world! Look at those crowns from the British monarchy!

My little one’s favorite was the spiral cypher to decode. Children are always up for a good mystery!

I love how National Geographic Kids gives so much back to their readers. Children can submit their artwork, give those excerpts of fantastic and chilling stories and have so many puzzles and games to solve. Coupled with the fantastic facts they are learning, National Geographic Kids really goes above and beyond for the young reader. Your child deserves to be spoiled with wisdom.

Why we love National Geographic Kids


This Weird but True! Series has inspired our child and family with so many facts. It’s a great way to curl up on a cold day and just enjoy the end of my pregnancy learning, laughing and having fun with everything weird but true. These books are a great time to have some alone time with my oldest before the baby arrives and also inspire my child to see the world for all of its weird but true beauty.

NatGeo Contest!

National Geographic Kids continues to give back to their young readers. Good luck!

Kids ages 6–14 are invited to enter the Weird But True! Canada contest to submit their own verifiably weird facts about their hometown, province, or country at through January 31, 2019.