Welcome Baby USA

When you have a baby, it can be a shock to realize how much work goes into this little bundle of joy. The exhaustion, the time and the amount of things you needed for this little person! Diapers, wipes and more become your necessities in those first coveted four weeks. What if you did not have the money to buy all of these things? The isolation, fear and care for your baby would be at the top of your mind as a new parent. Welcome Baby USA steps in, ready to save the day. But they are more than just a charity, they are a movement.

How Welcome Baby USA Started

When two beautiful people combine forces, anything can happen! The moment that Sarah Steinhardt and Juliet Fuisz decided to cofound Welcome Baby USA, they could have never imagined how many people that they would be helping. Could they have predicted every family’s life that would be touched by their generosity, thoughtfulness and care? The way that this movement has given back to communities could never be measured. Welcome Baby USA gives low income Moms one package with all of the desired items that they would need for a newborn in those first four important weeks after birth. This package is made to include what is most important. There are no luxuries. It is just the necessities to keep your baby safe, comfortable and healthy. These can be the most stressful times after childbirth.

How It Started- How It’s Going

Co-founder Sarah had to run and get diapers for her newborn. It was one of those winter days where you just want to curl up and stay inside. However, Sarah needed diapers and ventured off into the winter day to grab her necessities. In the snow, she thought, “what if I did not have the money to get these diapers?” She believed that no one should ever have to worry about the basics as a new parent. There was something that she had to do. Why wasn’t their more support for some of the most vulnerable people? Sarah was determined to give these people the help that they deserve.

When co-founder Juliet dealt with the illness and loss of her sweet father, she never imagined she would be doing this with a new baby. She understood that the balance was so difficult. You are grieving, you are a Mother and the world is continuing even though you are caught in two worlds trying to hold everything together. Julia wondered, what it must be like for people who are balancing hard challenges a new baby and are struggling financially. Something had to be done for those who are economically disadvantaged.

The Movement

juliet and sarah

Maybe it was just a coincidence or maybe it was something much more. These university friends run into each other randomly in New York City and the idea of Welcome Baby USA was born. Thanks to Madison Avenue and two good friends reuniting unexpectedly, this was a perfect recipe to begin a journey and a movement. These two women were ready to make sure America’s Moms had enough for their babies for those important first four weeks. Sarah approached Juliet with her idea and it was an “instant click.”

They were going to supply women with what they needed to care for their babies. This was a love letter to the venerable women of America. You deserve to not worry about necessities for those first four pivotal weeks. What Juliet and Sarah did with providing these essential packages is allow new Mothers the permission not to worry about their babies being clean, having diapers and some of the basics. It allows Moms to have time to bond with their babies and relax, even just a little.

All Newborns Deserve a Good Start

welcome baby usa kit

All newborns deserve an excellent start. They deserve to have the necessities to make it through their first month. Secondly, Moms deserve to be focused on their babies, not worrying how much diapers will cost. With all of Welcome Baby USA’s work with brands, a Mom would spend over $300 per package. Welcome Baby is able to get that cost down to less than $130 and is able to give this care package to each Mother for free.

Welcome Baby USA has two mandates which are so simple but so important.

  1. Every newborn deserves to start life healthy and happy.
  2. Every new Mom deserves a peace of mind. The first four weeks is very challenging. Emotionally, it is normal for anyone to feel “all over the place.” This is a time of bonding and a time of learning for a parent. Everyone deserves a time to just learn this new time in life without stressing for the basics for baby.


Providing Supplies- Providing Support Changing the Mindset


Welcome To the Motherhood Club


Welcome Baby USA also throws baby shower at family shelters to give Moms to special gifts that they will need for their baby. It is also a nice day to celebrate all of these wonderful Moms to be. Now Moms have this package in the arsenal to begin their journey of Motherhood.


How You Can Help

welcome baby usa baby shower

Follow the Journey of Welcome Baby USA and if you can find it in your heart to donate, please do so. Any amount is helpful.


Welcome Baby USA gives Moms the opportunity to breathe easy and focus on their baby in those first four weeks post-partum. Juliet and Sarah are changing the way we see Motherhood, with each package to families who need it the most. Join the journey, join the movement today.



*** We have a spread the love gift card- if you make a donation in 135$ or more you can give someone this card that you gave a donation in their name. **** We want mothers to unite!