Welcoming Twins into Your Life and Your Home


Finding out that you’ll be a parent is one of the most magical moments in your life, but hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time is even more magical. Still, if you hear two heartbeats instead of one, you might be getting into something you weren’t expecting – becoming a parent of twins! Two kids will double the amount of work you have to put in, but also the amount of joy in your life. So, if you too are expecting twins, here’s what you need to do to welcome them into your life and your home.


Celebrate the news

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, it deserves a celebration! Of course, the mother-to-be shouldn’t be drinking any alcohol, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have something else that might make her happy and bring a smile to her face.

So, have a piece of cake, some ice-cream, a few pancakes, a pizza, a bowl of spaghetti, or basically anything else you want. Indulge yourself and your body, and celebrate the biggest news of your life. Celebrating pregnancy is important both for the mother and the children, so hold off everything else for a while and enjoy your pregnancy.


Get a bigger home


If you don’t have kids yet, the chances are you’re living in a tiny home that’s big for two people and probably won’t have enough space for the twins you’re expecting. That’s why you need to think about moving to a new place before giving birth, as that’s the only way to give everyone enough space.

Babies might be tiny, but they come with a ton of things, and having two babies at the same time will double your need for space. So, start looking for a new home as soon as possible, and move there before entering the third trimester, if possible, just to make sure the future mother avoids the stress that comes with moving.


Reorganize your living space

Even if your home is big enough to accommodate your new twins, you might think about rearranging and reorganizing it a bit. Providing enough storage space is probably going to be the hardest thing, so consider decluttering your home and throwing away all the things that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Old clothes, books you don’t read anymore, outdated kitchen appliances, gadgets you don’t use and furniture that serves no purpose are just some of the things you can sell, donate or throw away to make room for baby items. You can also get a spacious industrial shed that can double as a garage in your backyard, and store all your possessions there – that way, they’ll still be close to you, but you’re going to have enough space for your kids too.


Start purchasing baby items


Again, newborns might not seem like a lot of hard work, but they really are, and they come with a ton of things they need. From cribs, strollers, car seats and diaper bags to bodysuits, one-pieces, sleepers and caps, you’ll need to have all of these ready before your babies arrive. Also, don’t forget diapers, disposable wipes, creams and other items for personal hygiene – the list goes on and on!

Since you’re expecting twins, you need to buy twice more stuff than other parents. Be practical and get one of those strollers for twins, or two beds that are the same so that you can buy two mattresses at the same time. Talk to parents who already have twins or find a reliable shopping list online, and start purchasing everything you need.


Get organized

Welcoming two kids at once is a shock, so you need to get prepared as well. After rearranging your home and setting up a nursery, think about your work and how much time you’ll be able to spend at home. Two babies need a lot of attention, and if one parent is away at work, the other might not be able to handle them alone, and not everyone can afford a babysitter.

Also, think about the feeding, bathing and diaper changing schedule. Learn how these things are done and be prepared to do them again and again. If both parents are organized, help each other and form a team, these things are going to be easier to handle, so learn how to do them as soon as possible.


As you can see, having twins requires a ton of work, but it’s all worth it in the end – being a parent is amazing, so enjoy your new life with your new babies!