What does the GDPR Mean for Bloggers and Marketers?

As parent bloggers, we are always searching to make sure that our blog is safe from possible law suits, stolen items and from copyright regulations. We work so hard to make our blogs perfect and when we are marketing to others, we want to provide the best experience possible on our site. However, when you are starting your blog, whether it be lifestyle, parenting or a recipes site, you like any other business owner have rules and regulations to follow. Since our businesses are on the internet, it can be so difficult to keep up with the online world changing so quickly and the laws that are passed.

What is The GDPR?

 The General Data Protection Regulation or better known as the GDPR became law in May of 2018. It was implemented in the EU to protect readers going to websites. Web users privacy was a huge issue and their protection while visiting each site. Even if you are a blog owner that is not from the EU, you will have European visitors to your site and it is integral that you follow the rules of the GDPR.

If you have an affiliate account, have sponsored posts, collect data on your users in any way, the GDPR applies to you.

Credit Monitor breaks it down easily for people to understand. They educate both bloggers and marketers on the GDPR and what to expect.

What Does The GDPR mean for Bloggers and Marketers?

When the GDPR or the general Data protection regulation was created, it became a hot topic with bloggers and marketers alike. What does this mean for parent bloggers? How do you prepare and make sure your site is safe? We were so happy that Emma from My Emma has an awesome webinar to help our current and future parent bloggers understand the new rules and regulations put in and how to protect your blog.

What will this webniar teach us?

In the webinar you will learn not only what the GDPR is and the changes that are happening but also what the GDPR means to you as a blogger and a marketer of products.

Prepare your blog or your marketing strategy with ease thanks to this helpful webinar.

The GDPR Overview

Find out what GDPR means to you as a marketer