What is a Lovey and why do I want one?

By: Rachel Ferman





We see and hear about a Lovey and as a new mom we sit there and say, “What is this thing I got as a gift?” I know as a new mom I said the same thing! Loveys will be your babies and a mommy’s best friend! It is a security object for your baby. In the first few months feed every time with the baby and lovey, put it in your shirt when you are home and walk around with it, and at night your baby will sleep with it. Now why do all of that? You want this lovely to smell like mommy and at 4am when your baby wakes up and they want mommy, they reach for their lovey and snuggle that instead… and mommy doesn’t get woken up!

You want your little one to form a great bond with this lovey so they use it to cling too when they wake up. Even as a toddler my child loves her to comfort her at nighttime if she wakes up from a nightmare. It is a great tool to use to help establish elongated sleep and undisturbed sleep for mommy. In order to make this go well use the same one each time for your child, so keep 3 of the same one at home for them. You can use one on the go, one to stay in bed and one just incase the other ones get lost! Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing a lovey is that it is safe for your child, “breathable”. Put it up to your mouth and see if you can breath, this is a great way to test. Angel Dear is an amazing brand that makes soft and snuggly breathable loveys. Another choice would be a small little breathable blanket, some babies prefer a blankie style lovey. Aden and Anais make mini square blankies with satin edges. As long as they form a connection to the object it doesn’t matter which one they like, just that they love it and snuggle with it. You will look at your monitor at night and your baby is sleeping soundly with this little lovey snuggled with them…. It is one of the cutest things ever!