What Is Holistic Parenting?

The terms “natural”, “holistic” and “organic” are being used a lot in the parenting community; most of the time it is used correctly in reference to a particular lifestyle but there are times where it is not. Many parents claim that they are using holistic practices in raising their children, however, their are many parents who have no idea what it means! We are here to clear this up for you and to explain the many exciting facets of Holistic Parenting.


Holistic Parenting Meaning

Holistic Parenting cannot be put into a short definition but it is more of a lifestyle that has many different facets. Holistic Parenting is about parents being conscious about avoiding toxic foods, products and practices. It is about parenting your children and caring for their health spiritually, emotionally and physically and understanding under these practices that they are all entwined. It is researching alternative health methods, eating organic, clean foods and parenting based on your family values leading with good ethics and morals.


Holistic Parenting is embracing the natural bond that a parent shares with a child and giving the child the opportunity to connect with nature and understand his or her part in it. Teaching your child to respect nature is a beautiful gift.


When a child is sick, a holistic parent will not only treat the illness but figure out the cause and seek out the cause of the illness.

Holistic Parenting embraces alternative parenting styles, like homeschooling or unschooling. Holistic parents may do some or all of these practices.


Holistic Parenting is always evolving, as new ideas are embraced and explored

Holistic Parenting Tips