What Skills Do New Moms Need to Read up on Before Giving Birth?

For a new mom, there is an overwhelming amount of information and skills to learn. During your pregnancy, spend some time reading up on newborn health. Ask your OBGYN for a book recommendation, visit quality health websites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and get prepared for the arrival of your baby.

Cleaning the Baby’s Umbilical Stump

After your baby’s umbilical cord is cut, a little stump is left behind. This piece of tissue turns black and falls off about a week after birth. In the meantime, the area needs to be cleaned and watched for signs of infection. Be sure to read up on how to keep the umbilical stump clean so the site can heal and make a belly button.

Breastfeeding the Newborn and Using a Breast Pump

Many pregnant women do not receive much education on how breastfeeding works, and not all insurance plans cover the cost of seeing a lactation consultant. Expectant moms should read up on breastfeeding and spend some time with a breastfeeding mother if they can. There are many health benefits for moms and babies for breastfeeding, including a lower risk of breast cancer for the mom, and better immunity for the baby. Moms who plan to return to work should learn about how to use a breast pump for pumping milk while they are away from their babies.

Study Childcare

Learning more about childcare in a formal setting can have many benefits. Earning a master of science in nursing prepares you for a variety of newborn, baby, toddler, and childhood health issues. During your studies, you will learn about common childhood conditions and illnesses. You will also learn about child development and growth. Completing your degree could also lead you into a rewarding nursing career.

Identifying Symptoms of Common Illnesses

All sorts of germs go around, and babies are susceptible because of their under-developed immune systems. Read up on common childhood illnesses and conditions such as influenza, colds, ear infections and rashes. You may also want to look into the scientific data around vaccination and decide ahead of time about vaccinating your child.

Pregnancy is a great time to read about newborns and their health care, development and growth. Taking the time now to learn some essential skills will help to prepare you for your baby’s arrival. If you have any questions about certain topics, such as how to give your baby a bath, you can always turn to your medical team.
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