What Would Wednesday Do? – Are you looking for some gothic guidance and macabre musings? Look no further than your favorite Addams family member, Wednesday Addams! This mut have book is full of cryptic counsel and the eerie advice you would expect from the sinister style of Wednesday!

What’s It About

From the original show to the movies in the 1990s, to cartoons to the Netflix 2019 hit, the Addams Family has always been a timeless show and storyline that has enveloped its audience for decades. Author Iphigenia Jones has written chapters of questions and answers for Wednesday. These creative and witty questions and answers cover all of life’s burning questions. From relationships to manners, Wednesday Addams has you covered! The advice is tactful, yet hilarious and fun for any Addams fan. Figure out how to navigate difficult family members or how to defy social expectations. Take it from the greatest at all of these topics.

Take This Book Anywhere

This book is perfect to take in your purse or bag. It makes a great staple in your personal library or can even be a great coffee table book. It can break the ice with guests or be that little book you pick up when you need a pick-me-up. It’s wit, intelligence and recommendations feel like Wednesday herself is sitting right next to you, dispensing this much needed life advice.

This book is truly an ode to Wednesday. the author cleverly has channeled the essence of Wednesday Addams. She is witty and yet blunt and knows how to give good advice to each person writing in each scenario. It is a laugh out loud book that you will love to have in your personal library and a great conversation piece with family and friends. People will love it as a gift not only during Halloween but any time of year. It is perfect for those Wednesday Addams fans looking for something cool to have at home and dive into whenever they like.