When Do Baby Eyebrows Come In?

When do baby eyebrows come in? Some babies are born with beautiful eyebrows while others come in weeks (sometimes months) later. It all depends on when your baby is born and so much more. Let’s dive into when your babies eyebrows begin to come in!

When Do Babies Eyebrows Grow In?

A baby does more growing from utero to their second birthday than any other two years of their entire life. So many features come in during utero and eyebrows are no exception. The development of baby eyebrows begins in week 22 of a pregnancy. In week 21, this amazing and curious stage begins. Your baby is covered in a soft hair called lanugo. This layer of hair is going to keep your baby warm during the duration of your pregnancy. A week later, we see that babies begin to develop both their eyelashes and eyebrows.

Genetics determine if your baby has a natural arch or straight eyebrow. This all depends on the chromosomes of both parents. Everything down to eyebrow color is decided and the baby begins to develop some of these features in the twenty second week of pregnancy.

My Newborn Baby Does Not Have Eyebrows! Is Something Wrong?

All babies are born with eyebrows. However, some babies have a tiny definition of where the eyebrows will be. Others have little peach fuzz where the brow line is located. Some babies are even born with dark eyebrows! Whatever the case is for your baby, they definitely will have eyebrows. If you notice your little one does not have defined eyebrows, take a few moments to study your baby. You will see the defined line where the eyebrows will be more prominent later.

Secondly, if your baby is a preemie, sometimes their eyebrows are not as defined as a baby that has gone to full term. Not to worry, all babies eyebrows will come in more prominently in time.

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Your babies DNA will determine how defined their eyebrows will be, how dark their eyebrow hair will be and so much more. But this takes time to come through. Little by little, you will see your child’s face change and grow and this includes their eyebrows! Their hair follicles may start off as a very light blonde and darken over time. It all depends on genetics how light or dark their eyebrows will be. In time, baby hair thickens and you will see more defined eyebrows.

Should you be worried if your baby does not have defined eyebrows? Not at all!

Help Your Baby’s Eyebrows Grow

There is no actual way to help your baby’s eyebrows grow and one should not even be concerned. However, to ensure healthy growth of your baby, make sure they are getting regular milk feedings and when they are transferred to solid foods, ensure that you are giving your child the healthiest food for a healthy body.

Zero to six months- Making sure your baby has regular breast milk or formula feedings is essential for growth. At this time, you may see the eyebrows come in and

Baby Eyebrow Facial Expressions

Even though your baby might not have defined eyebrows, they really know how to make some incredibly exaggerated facial expressions! This is one of the most cutest things about newborns and babies. They will react to your smile, singing voice, sudden noises and so much more. Watch as the eyebrows scrunch up when they start to laugh, or how they come together to focus on their parents face as they study you. They may be little, but they are full of facial expressions!

I Found A Baby Eyebrow Growth Product… Could This Help?

Sometimes, new parents can get nervous about their baby not developing at the same rate as their peers. Whether it is eyebrow growth, first smile or the first time they roll over, some parents do have a tendency to worry for their children. If you notice that your baby does not have eyebrows and they are getting a bit older, it may be tempting for you to go out and look for options.

There are many people who claim natural remedies like coconut oil, aloe or other at home remedies can help speed up the process. This is not the case. Similarly,there are many companies toting serums that can enhance your child’s eyebrow growth. These products can contain chemicals that can harm your baby, not help your baby. Some can even hurt your babies skin, stopping eyebrow growth!

Stay away from remedies that claim to help your babies eyebrows grow. You have nothing to worry about with your babies eyebrows if they don’t come in right away!

Preemie Eyebrows

Your little one has come a bit early and they are a bit smaller than a full term baby. Your sweet baby has come as a surprise but you notice that they look a little different than a full term baby. This can include not having any eyebrows or eyelashes. Depending how early your baby was born, it can take anywhere from days to months for your babies eyebrows to grow in.

Even though a babies eyebrows begin to grow in utero, they do not fully develop until the first year. For some babies, it takes only a few days for their eyebrows to come in while others can wait for months.

An interesting point some preemie parents make is that their babies can make changes overnight. One day they suddenly develop eyebrow hair! The changes can be quick and without warning, so parents like to pay close attention to their baby.

Even though there is no way to tell exactly when your child’s eyebrows grow in, know that they will eventually come in at their own time. What preemies missed out developing in utero, they will develop after birth. Eyelashes, eyebrows, hair and finger nails are some of the things that will come after birth. Depending on how early a child has come before their expected due date, one can expect that eyebrows can take a little longer to come in.

Baby Eyebrows Red and Dry

Have you noticed that your baby eyebrows are red and dry? Make sure to talk to your doctor if you notice this on your baby. It may be cradle cap! Cradle cap is Seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp of an infant. It can be on an infants scalp, behind their ears, on their face, in their armpits and anywhere your baby has little creases in their skin. It can also show up where your child’s eyebrows are. After discussing with your doctor, you can lightly, once a day, dap your babies eyebrows with warm water to encourage the whiteness to come off.

Ways To Encourage Eyebrows To Grow

There are so many companies and blogs touting ways to help your babies eyebrows grow. A lot of these recommendations are very dangerous for your babies skin and can cause more damage than good. Talk to your doctor about ways you can encourage the growth of your babies eyebrows.

Whether your baby has Cradle Cap or your babies eyebrows just won’t grow, one safe way to keep that area safe and moisturized is by putting just a little dabble of breast milk on each eyebrow. This can help your baby have some natural, safe ointment on their eyebrows.

Safe Things To Put On Your Baby’s Eyebrows

There are only a couple of safe methods that you an use to put on your baby’s eyebrows. After speaking with your doctor about your options, ask about if these two ideas are safe for your baby:

Breast Milk

Some parents claim that cradle cap is calmed or helped by breast milk. Putting a little bit of breast milk on your child’s eyebrows may make the skin more soft. It can make it safer for your child’s eyebrows to grow.

Coconut Oil

Put a tiny (very tiny) dabble of coconut oil on your child’s eyebrows. Make sure that not even a drop can leak into your child’s eye. By putting a miniscule amount on your child’s eyebrows, you could moisturize the skin the encourage eyebrow growth.

As we suggested earlier, speak to your doctor about these two safe options and if they will benefit your child’s eyebrows.

Drawing On Baby’s Eyebrows

We never thought that we would have to comment about this, but there is a trend about drawing on your baby’s eyebrows. If you are doing this to improve the appearance of your child’s eyebrows, please re think your stance on this! Make sure that you do not draw them in. It looks obvious that they are penciled in. It is not nice to do to a newborn as this is only an appearance based concern. The chances of the eyebrows coming in naturally are so high. Speak to your doctor before you decide to draw in your infant’s eyebrows. You are better off just leaving them!

Baby Eyebrows

If you are worried about your baby’s eyebrows not growing in and your doctor has assured you it will be okay, do not worry! Most infant’s eyebrows grow in within a few weeks at most. The eyebrow color can change with time as well. What begins to be cute little blonde fluffs can become brown or black in a few weeks or months. Remember that if you have a preemie baby it can take longer for your babies eyebrows to grow in. All babies are beautiful. Respect and enjoy the process of their growth and enjoy your little baby!