When To Buy Baby Stuff

Being pregnant is so exciting but there is so much to do in so little time. When to buy baby stuff? Where should someone look first and what to buy? We will break down when is the best time to buy baby stuff so you are prepared well before your baby arrives.

When To Begin Buying Things For Baby

When you find out that you are going to have a baby, many people want to dive into buying everything that baby needs. They do not want to have the baby and forget anything. However, as soon as you see that positive pregnancy test, it does not mean you immediately have to set out and buy everything for baby. For most parents, they wait about three months before beginning to make any substantial purchases. People wait three months because miscarriages happen. After three months, many families feel safe to start buying for their up and coming bundle of joy.

Before You Buy Do This First!

Before you begin to start spending on the baby, you have to look at a few things that can help determine when you start buying all of that baby stuff. Here are some must to do things before you make your very first purchase.

Know Your Budget

This may be the annoying point but its the most important point, know your budget before you start dreaming of what you want your baby to have. Baby stuff can be expensive and you are about to spend a lot of money in a little bit of time. Once baby arrives, it always surprises parents how quickly they go through formula (if you choose or your baby needs formula ), diapers and grow out of their clothes. If you live in an area with four seasons, this adds and extra cost of buying winter, spring/autumn and summer clothing. In a few years, your child is transitioning out of a crib and into a bed or toddler bed. There are baby gates, toys and other things to consider.

Be sure to budget wisely on what you want to buy your baby.

Check the Nursery Size

You may want a dresser, a crib, a diaper changing station, a full closet and a room full of toys, but you may have a teeny tiny nursery. That is okay! Be sure to understand what can fit nicely in your child’s room. Secondly, make sure the room can transition into a nice young child’s room and what you would need for that room to work.

Small nurseries can be gorgeous with the right organization and thoughtful planning. Know the size of the room you are working with before you make any big purchases.

Consider A Bridal Shower

Your loved ones may want to throw a bridal shower for you. They may want to buy you some gifts to help you get started as a new parent. You will make incredible memories and be given some thoughtful gifts. Every gift giver is different. Some may fill your child’s room with books while others will by a practical and necessary gift like wash cloths or bottles. They may pitch in to buy one of your big gifts like a stroller or a crib. Similarly, some people may buy toys and cute items that will be sentimental for all of you.

You cannot guess what someone will give you as a gift, but you must consider your baby shower before purchasing the big items. Often times, baby showers are at the beginning of your third trimester. Some parents may believe it is cutting it close.

Gifts From Close Family

Your close family may want to pitch in and buy you some of the more costly items for a baby. This can be a bedroom set, a carseat or a stroller. These items are essential for baby and they can give it to you as late as your last month of pregnancy. This is very helpful to parents and could offset some of the expenses of a new baby.

Hand Me Downs

If you have family members or friends that have already had a baby, they may be inclined to give you some of there baby stuff that they are no longer using. From activity centers to clothes, you may be lucky enough to inherit some of the costly items that are helpful. Legally, both car seats and cribs expire after a period of time so we do not recommend taking those items second hand. You can check with the make of both a crib or a car seat for the expiry dates.

Second Hand Shopping

Be green and second hand shop! You will find so many great things in second hand stores. Places like Once Upon A Child and children’s consignment shops are great to find the perfect baby clothes and items. Your children grow so fast and can sometimes jump sizes so you my as well pay less by getting some cute outfits at a second hand store.

Always remember, if you choose to purchase something follow this three step process before you make that costly transaction!

The Return Policy of the Store

Stores that sell baby stuff understand that there is a high return rate because of baby showers. That is why many stores have an excellent store return policy. Check to see if it is 30 days or 120 day returns. That way, if you get doubles of something or you are gifted something “better”, you can return what you purchased and get your money back.

Avoid stores that have short windows for returns. Most stores understand what new parents or parents to be are growing through and have excellent return policies.

Gift Registry

Create a gift registry for your baby shower or your close family and friends. That way people know what you want and need for your baby. You can also monitor what was purchased for you. Lastly, if you buy something on your registry, many retailers give you a 10-20% discount on those items. Check with major baby retailers before you choose to use them as your baby registry spot.

Keep Receipts of Your Purchases

People buying doubles of the same thing happens frequently. With weddings and baby showers, sometimes even with gift registries, the registry does not update fast enough. When you get two of something, you keep the receipts of your purchases so you can return one of the items. This smart way of saving money helps in the long run. You can put your money back to some necessities like diapers!

Baby Essentials NOT to Buy

So many people will tell you what you should buy but here are a few things not to buy until the baby is born.

Newborn Shoes

You never know who is coming to greet you at birth! A little adorable newborn may have big or very small newborn feet! Making a guess on the shoe size is never recommended.

Buying Newborn Clothes

For many parents, their child skipped right out of newborn sizing and went straight to the 0-3 months. Choosing clothes from 0-3 months and beyond is a more safer bet. If you live in a four season area, make sure to buy clothes that are appropriate to the season when the child hits that age. Children can skip sizes though, so be careful!

Newborn Diapers

Like newborn clothing, newborn diapers are a stage in diaper wearing that is sometimes skipped all together. The newborn is sometimes born too big for newborn diapers! Many stores do not return diapers so it is best to wait until the baby is born to make that call. Usually, hospitals should supply you with a couple of diapers for the ride home. Alternatively, you can have a loved one pick some up for you.

Baby Food

You see a good deal and you want to jump on it! However, all food has an expiry date. Secondly, who would have guessed that your child would not like the green pea mush six months later? But you bought thirty jars of it because it was on sale before they were born. Don’t buy baby food before your baby is born, no matter how tempting the deal! Food expires and your little baby may not like the flavors you have chosen and refuse to eat it!

These are just a few of the necessities you do not have to buy until your baby is born. It saves you trips to return these items!


Things To Buy For Yourself During Pregnancy

In your second trimester, there is some important baby stuff that you should buy… for yourself! Yes, you deserve a little something too. Here are some things that is important for you to get for yourself.


As you progress in your pregnancy, you may experience some stiff joints. Be sure to get yourself a massager to treat your back, legs, arms, shoulders and feet. You deserve to feel good while you are going through this entire pregnancy experience.

Baby Journal

Document a month to month detail of what it is like being pregnant with your little one! If you chose to purchase this in your second trimester, fill in the first one with your thoughts, feelings and experiences. After that, you can do a month to month journal of what is going on. This is a great keepsake for you and your baby.

Baby Book

There are a lot of facts, figures and things going on in those first few months of life! Keep record of your child’s favorite things, height, weight and more through out the years. Starting a baby book is gifting your child a keepsake for the rest of their lives.

Morning Sickness Snacks

Why do they call it morning sickness? We know that it is usually all day sickness. For many people, it lasts well after the first trimester too. Getting some morning sickness snacks can help you keep things down. Our personal favorite are ginger cookies but crackers, even saltines work too. Stock up on those so you eat something that you can stomach during your morning sickness times.

One Thing To Wait To Buy- Maternity Clothes

It may be tempting to buy some cute maternity clothes for your pregnancy! However, you do not know the size that you are going to be at seven, eight or nine months. Every body is different and every pregnancy is different as well. Also, keep in mind what season it will be when you are picking out that perfect piece. That summer maternity dress looked so good until you realized you were due in December. Choose wisely and pick pieces that can transition for you from work, home life and going out. Most of all, when you do buy your items, choose things that will make you feel airy and comfortable!

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Baby Stuff Before The Babies Birth?

For many cultures, it is bad luck to buy baby stuff before the birth of the baby. Baby showers are held after the baby is born. This idea of “bad luck” came from people losing their baby before birth. Thankfully, with modern medicine and better care, this is less of a possibility. Ultimately, if the person you are buying for believes it is bad luck, respect that and follow their lead on how to celebrate and give gifts for their little bundle of joy.

When To Buy Baby Stuff

It is always a great idea to be prepared. Depending on baby showers, your second trimester and what your space is like at home, you can start as early as your second trimester! With lots of things to consider, you can buy over time not to overburden your bank account. Buy the things you need first and the things you would like later. You can also buy after the baby is born because you will learn that your child may need things that you have never considered. Alternatively, you may not need what you thought you did at the beginning of your pregnancy. Remember to enjoy yourself and happy buying!