When to start setting up the baby nursery- In movies I have noticed you see the excited parents-to-be setting up a nursery just a few weeks before the baby is due. This can work for some families! However, other families, need time to prepare and plan for their nursery. We have a step-by-step foundation for when it is time to start setting up the baby nursery.


As the excitement of impending parenthood sets in, one of the significant milestones is creating a cozy and functional space for your new arrival. The baby nursery is a place where countless memories will be made, and thoughtful planning is crucial. One common question expectant parents often ponder is, “When should I start setting up the baby nursery?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various factors that influence the timing of nursery preparation, ensuring you create a space that’s ready and waiting when your little one makes their grand entrance.

The First Trimester: Laying the Foundation

Even though it is the first trimester, parents will tell you that laying the foundation of the nursery can be helpful! Life can get hectic fast, so if you are comfortable, you can begin the stages of planning for the nursery in your first trimester. Here are some easy to follow steps:

1.1 Initial Excitement and Planning

Before you even see those two lines on the pregnancy test, the thought of creating a nursery might be swirling in your mind. Initial excitement often leads to daydreaming about themes and color palettes. However, practical planning is best reserved for after the pregnancy is confirmed.

1.2 Confirming the Pregnancy

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the first trimester is a time for crucial health assessments and adjustments. It’s not the ideal time to dive into setting up the nursery, but you can certainly begin gathering ideas and contemplating the overall vision for the space.

1.3 Budgeting and Research

Use the first trimester to establish a budget for the nursery project. Research nursery essentials, compare prices, and create a list of must-have items. This groundwork sets the stage for informed decision-making in the coming months.

The Second Trimester: Get the Ball Rolling

2.1 Settling into Pregnancy

The second trimester is often considered the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy. Morning sickness tends to subside, and you may find yourself with renewed energy. This is an excellent time to start turning those nursery dreams into reality.

2.2 Weeks 14-20: Optimal Time to Begin

Between weeks 14 and 20, energy levels are typically higher, and the risk of miscarriage decreases. It’s an optimal time to start tackling nursery tasks without feeling overly fatigued.

2.3 Ultrasound Revelations

Many parents choose to wait until the second trimester, specifically after an ultrasound, to learn the baby’s gender. If you’re eager to incorporate gender-specific themes or colors, this is the time to start planning accordingly.

2.4 Nursery Theme and Color Scheme

With newfound energy and potential knowledge of the baby’s gender, delve into selecting a theme and color scheme for the nursery. Whether it’s a serene woodland retreat or a vibrant rainbow haven, let your creativity flourish.

The Mid-Second Trimester: Essential Furniture and Safety Considerations

3.1 Furniture Shopping

Around the 20-week mark, consider shopping for essential nursery furniture. Focus on key items like the crib, changing table, and seating. Ensure that your choices align with safety standards and your overall design aesthetic.

3.2 Safety First

As you bring furniture into the nursery, take the opportunity to baby-proof the space. Secure furniture to the walls, cover electrical outlets, and eliminate any potential hazards. Safety is paramount.

3.3 Registry Completion

If you’re planning a baby shower, use this time to complete your registry. Friends and family will appreciate having a range of nursery items to choose from, and it ensures you have the essentials covered.

The Late Second Trimester: Textiles, Decor, and Personal Touches

4.1 Bedding and Textiles

In the later weeks of the second trimester, focus on bedding and textiles. Choose soft, breathable materials for crib sheets and blankets. Consider blackout curtains to regulate light and create a cozy sleep environment.

4.2 Decor Elements

Add decorative elements to infuse personality into the nursery. This may include wall decals, artwork, or personalized touches. Take your time curating a space that feels warm and inviting.

4.3 Personalized Items

Consider adding personalized items, such as a custom name sign or monogrammed bedding. These small details make the nursery uniquely yours and add sentimental value.

The Third Trimester: Final Touches and Practical Preparations

5.1 Nesting Instinct

The third trimester often brings with it the famed “nesting” instinct. Use this surge of energy and motivation to complete the final touches on the nursery.

5.2 Washing and Organizing

Wash all baby clothes, bedding, and linens with a gentle detergent. Organize the nursery closet with bins, dividers, and labels. Having everything clean and in its place will bring a sense of order to the space.

5.3 Installing Safety Features

Double-check and install any additional safety features you may have overlooked. This includes securing furniture, ensuring cords are out of reach, and confirming that the room is hazard-free.

5.4 Final Walkthrough

Before the due date arrives, conduct a final walkthrough of the nursery. Ensure that everything is in its place, and you have all the essentials ready for the baby’s arrival.


Setting up the baby nursery is a journey that spans the entire pregnancy, with each trimester offering unique opportunities for progress. By strategically planning and executing tasks, you can create a nursery that not only meets practical needs but also reflects your style and love for your growing family. Start early, pace yourself, and relish in the anticipation of the little one who will soon call this special space home. Happy nesting!