Where Are You Elephant?

Your little one is looking for the elephant but it is no where to be found! This eco baby plastic free touch and feel book is a hit with toddlers and we know you are going to love it as much as we do!

Where is the Elephant?

Where is the elephant? Through out this book, you and your baby or toddler with search for the elephant and meet all of its friends. See a giraffe, lion and a hippo! Is elephant truly gone or will your child see this breath taking creature?

We love that this book teaches your toddler or baby about different animals. This sensory friendly book will teach your children about different animals and you can work with them on all of their animal sounds. Eco baby made a book that is completely interactive, encourages sensory play and imaginative play and so much more. Most of all, the book is eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Books

What is an eco friendly book? Eco Baby has created Where Are You Elephant? is filled with plastic free touch and feel book. It is made from paper from responsible sources. The book is recyclable which is really environmentally conscious. From the grass to the giraffe’s tongue, this feely book makes the looking experience even more fun.

This will help your baby or toddler remember the names of each animal and their noises. This is a great way for your children to develop speech skills and recollection skills. Parents love that their children are learning so much. Children love the story of the elephant that they have to find. They enjoy seeing all of these new animals that they encounter. They also love the sensory parts of the book that allow them to further explore each animal.

This book is perfect for small children and their parents. We love the message this book represents of environmentally conscious books and the story line is perfect for a baby or a small child.

Extra Credit

When going through Where Are You Elephant? Point to each animal and see if your child can identify it. Ask them to make that animals sound. This is a great way to learn about animals that your child will not see every day. It will help them on their memorization and recollection skills. Secondly, make sure your child experiences each sensory activity on every page. They will love it and it will help them remember the animals and what is happening on each page.