Where to get maternity clothes in Canada- When you are pregnant, your body begins to change. Depending on the pregnancy, this can be a slow and gradual process or it can feel like big changes have happened overnight! Whatever the case or the pregnancy, you deserve to feel comfortable, cute and happy in what you wear as your body changes. Additionally, you will go through changes again after your baby is born. You deserve to feel comfortable then too.

Maternity wear lasts through out your pregnancy and to be honest, many wear their maternity outfits after their pregnancy as their body changes. Some people lose weight massively and go back to normal. Others lose weight slowly and even more lose weight in some places and not in others. Whatever the case may be and your situation, you deserve to be comfortable and look your best.

Maternity shopping is fun but in Canada it can be difficult and expensive. We will show you the best maternity clothes offered in Canada for all budgets. Not to mention, we have some fun tips and tricks to help you along your maternity shopping journey. Let’s dive into finding maternity wear in Canada!

What Do I Look For In Maternity Clothes

This is a loaded question! Though what you want may vary depending on the person, there are a few staple rules when shopping for maternity clothes in Canada. Here are The Baby Spot’s Rules For Shopping For Maternity Clothes:

When looking at each piece, ask yourself the following:

Is it Comfortable?- Can you wear this item for hours on end? Or is this something that looks nice and is not comfortable?

Its It Trendy Or Timeless?- If you plan on having multiple children, will this item be in fashion in three years or six? Try to buy timeless over trendy.

Is It In Season?- You may love that beautiful knitted sweater for your growing body, but remember friend, you’re giving birth in early July. Choose pieces for the season.

Can You Wear It To Work and Out With Friends? Find pieces that can transition from work outfits to everyday outfits, this will look great, save you space in your dresser and help you save.

Does It Have Room To Grow? You found that perfect piece, its timeless, its comfy and it fits perfectly, except, you’re four months pregnant. Choose pieces where you have room to grow so you can save on shopping later in your pregnancy when you’re more tired.

Plan Where You Will Be In Trimester Two and Three

Firstly, you need to decide where you will be in your second and third trimester. You may see that adorable thick sweater that would look so cute in your ninth month, except, you are giving birth in August. You need to know what kind of weather you can expect in the second and third trimester. There is no point buying thick sweaters for an early summer birth.

Secondly, it is hard to predict whether you will have a pregnancy where you have a beautiful big belly or a beautiful tiny belly. All bellies are gorgeous but we want to keep them comfortable. If you notice you are prominently showing in trimester one, you may want to think about investing in some maternity clothes. If you notice you are not showing, wait a little longer if you feel comfortable as some people do not need maternity clothes through out their entire pregnancy.

Alternatively, you can invest in some key pieces that can keep you comfortable until you know if you need to invest in maternity clothes. Having two pairs of maternity pants and investing in comfy leggings are a great way to hold off until you can decide when you will need maternity clothes.

Budgeting For Maternity Clothes

Shopping in Canada is expensive to begin with. Compared to our US neighbours, it can be a significant difference for many Canadians. You deserve to have maternity clothes that match your style but don’t break the bank. Look at your budget for maternity clothes. If you don’t need a budget, we have a number of fun and trendy options of where to shop both online and in person listed below. If your budget is a bit tighter, we have some top tips to save as much as you can while still looking great.

Following our rules above will help save a lot of money and help you look great. However, here are some extra tips and tricks to look good when you are with child.


Clothing (especially pants) with elastic waist lines help you tuck your tummy and keep it safe while you are looking fabulous. You want something that fits on you nicely but gives you room to breathe and is not too tight around your tummy line. Getting a pair of leggings or black elastic pants is a staple piece. Maternity pants in this color work too. They are great for your baby while you are pregnant and make you feel good as you are loosing weight after your pregnancy. There are also many cost friendly options! Additionally, elastic bands on pants are great because it can grow with your growing belly and help you stay warm and comfortable.

Basic Pieces That Can Interchange With Each Other

Find pieces that reflect your style and that can interchange with one another! This way, if you have four full outfits, you can make over a dozen looks!

Find a black pair of maternity pants, a dark blue pair of maternity pants, a light jean pair of maternity pants and choose leggings or yoga pants in your style. Choose four different shirts that really reflect who you are but keep your growing stomach safe and covered if you like. Now you have a whole wardrobe.

Secondly, try to pick pieces that can transition from work to going out and running errands. Multi faceted pieces save money. Even if they are a bit more expensive than the cheaper options, they will last longer and allow you to buy less, meaning you save money in the end feeling comfortable and cool.

Upgrade To a Larger Size

It’s no secret that maternity clothes cost a lot more than your regular clothes. Depending on how you are carrying through out your pregnancy, you may be able to just buy a size or two bigger than you usually were. We want you to invest in leggings or maternity pants just so your stomach does not feel the strain from any pair of pants or jeans. However, when it comes to shirts, make sure you have the coverage you desire and you can save money investing in some clothes just a few sizes larger. Afterwards, you can sell or give away the clothes as you see fit.

One Nice Dress/ Outfit

There are occasions where you may want to dress up, work functions that you need a little more formal attire. Invest in one nice outfit or dress that you can really utilize and accessorize with but one that keeps you comfortable and your baby safe. That way, you are covered if you are invited to baby showers (including your own baby shower), weddings or other special events.

Affordable Maternity Clothes In Canada

Many people find it difficult to find affordable maternity clothes in Canada. However, there are some great deals and places to shop! We are going to mention some affordable maternity clothes stores in Canada, both in person and online so you can find the perfect places to shop with ease.

No one wants to pay $100 for leggings or $100 for a shirt they will wear for three months. Here are some of the affordable places both online and in house.


Shein is an online store that sells everything from clothes for everyone to some small housewares. People love its incredibly low prices and trendy fashion. They also have a maternity section that people love. Moms love how they can get something in style for an inexpensive price.

Pro Tip- It can take a few weeks for your shipment to come in and a lot can change with your body in that time. Make sure to check the measurements and reviews to ensure a good experience. We also like looking at the customer’s personal pictures so we can see if the item matches what you get. Buy one or two sizes too big if you think you have found the perfect item.

The fabric is not usually the highest of quality but it will get you through your maternity season. Luckily, there are a lot of great finds and people have been satisfied.


Checking for maternity clothes in Walmart can help you find some basic staple pieces. From a comfortable black legging to a oversized tee shirt, they have you covered. We have seen some cute maxi dresses at Walmart for maternity wear in the summer as well. Walmart is going to be great in your third trimester if suddenly something does not fit. Get your basic pieces but don’t break the bank.

H and M

This store will be on the higher end of affordable. They have both an in store and online option. What you pay a little more for in clothes, you get really trendy outfits. We find that often in the big cities, the maternity section flies off the shelves. You can always order online, but like all online options, pay close attention to the return policy and the measurements of each piece. We would suggest going up a size in maternity wear just to be safe. Its easier to take something in than to let something out.

Maternity House

Maternity House has physical locations in Hamilton and St. Catharines, ON. However, they do have an online component where you can shop. This is a small business with a big heart. Loved by its customers, it is affordable and sells both new and used maternity clothing. By used we mean gently used! Hardly if ever worn, trendy and comfortable. If you live near any of these areas, its fun to shop as their inventory changes regularly. If you are in Canada but not in Southern Ontario, check out their social media and place an order.

These are some of our favorite inexpensive and trendy stops for maternity style! We also consider them to be some of the best places to get maternity clothes in Canada.

Best Places To Get Maternity Clothes in Canada

Our affordable places to get maternity clothes in Canada is a stop that people adore. However, there are some other great places to shop for maternity clothes in Canada. Each store whether it is bricks and mortar or online provides a high quality product that is going to last. Here are the best places to get maternity clothes in Canada.

Zara Maternity

Chic, comfortable maternity clothes that are available both in store and online. They have beautiful in season colours and trendy fashions for all times of the year. We love that they have fun sales and a great selection of maternity office wear as well.

H and M Maternity

For fun, fashionable clothes, H and M is your stop. They have trendy styles that people love. It makes maternity fashion fun to buy and you feel stylish while your body is changing. People love buying online but there is some selection in store that you will like.

Ella Bella

A fun online shop, Ella Bella is stylish and fun for your entire pregnancy. They always seem to have a generous sale and have a lot of incentives for their customers. They are always on trend as well so you are feeling good as you are going through your pregnancy.

Carry Maternity

This maternity store online embraces the change your body is going through! They know the recipe for a perfect maternity outfit is finding that balance between comfort and style. You can see this in the pieces they sell every day.

Maternity Clothes In Canada

Maternity shopping does not have to be hard in Canada! There are many in store and online options that anyone in Canada can shop and find comfortable, fashionable and reliable styles that will help them look great through out their entire pregnancy. We will continue to update this list as more options become more available.