Where’s Baby?

Little baby is on an adventure! Baby is on an exploration but Papa looks in, over, under, up, around and behind but he cannot find baby anywhere! Where’s Baby? Is a delightful tale about a Papa looking for baby while they explore the outdoors. We just adore this book for your toddler and preschooler.

Hidden Teachable Moments For Your Toddler

As your child is rapidly developing speech, as a parent you want to ensure that they have direction. Where’s Baby? teaches your little one about direction. This book is not only a great story, but it is also a book where you can ask your child a lot of questions. “Where is baby? Where is Papa?” This will help your little one engage with the book and start memorizing over, under, in, up and around. Your child will start to notice that they are around the chair or behind the table. This will only help develop your child’s mind more and hone in on more language based skills.

Explore nature and interact with many interesting animals and environments. Thanks to Author and illustrator Anne Hunter, your child will be immersed in different habitats and have questions about the animals that surround their lovable main character. Baby fox is such a beautiful orange color, it is just challenging enough that your toddler or preschooler will eagerly scan each page looking for this sweet little baby. You may notice that your child will want to read this book again and again and start to memorize key words and phrases. We cannot think of a better way to develop your child’s love for reading!

Extra Credit

Have your child draw a picture of the outdoors and hide baby somewhere on the page. Where is Papa? Is he looking for baby? What animals or environments does Baby encounter? Can you find Baby?

Alternatively, take your child on a nature walk. What kind of environment are you in? What kind of birds, animals and plants are surrounding your family? It is great to talk to your little ones so they start recognizing environments and what they look like. Watch your child have a word explosion!

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