One of the most eagerly looked forward days of the year is the occasion of Mother’s Day, it is a day that is especially dedicated to mothers world over when their children appreciate the role played by their mothers in their lives.

People appreciate the eternal dedication, constant sacrifices and hard work which she consistently puts in for the sake of her family and her children.

Although there are plenty of different types of gifts available for Mother’s Day, flowers are most special. They are beautiful, meaningful gifts conveying the affection and regard you have for your mother.

In case you are confused about which flowers you should gift to your mother, then this article will clear some doubts for you.

Some popular flowers for Mother’s Day are Roses

Roses are a popular choice of gift flowers for a lot of people. It is a flower that is deeply expressive of personal affection, sentiments, and emotions and they are wonderful gifts for mothers.

Roses can express plenty of emotional nuances. The different colors of the roses are expressive of different sentiments. While you have the red rose as a symbol of love, yellow roses signify joy and happiness, familial ties and friendship. Similarly, pink roses reflect appreciation and gratitude.

Try giving your mother a bouquet of roses of mixed colors to show how much you love her.


Carnations are the most widely gifted flowers on Mother’s Day; they are almost like official Mother’s Day flowers. These are somewhat traditional in the way people always gift them to their mothers throughout the years.

The most widely accepted color of carnation for Mother’s Day is white, it is a symbol of admiration, affection, respect and love and is perfect for giving to one’s mother. In fact, the name carnation itself means “flowers for gods.”


Traditionally popular flowers for Mother’s Day include orchids. These are given to working mothers as gifts who also raise families and children. Orchids are symbolic of prosperity, beauty, and grace. They are unique in the sense that they can last for long periods, at least two weeks minimum


Daisies are truly simple yet wonderful flowers to be given as gifts to mothers. They are reflective of exuberance, gaiety, mirth, and cheerfulness. These are amazing and will look beautiful when you put them in a nice bouquet with the other flowers.

Send flowers and gifts to loved ones, the flowers mentioned in this article are a wonderful assortment and would look beautiful in a bouquet when you put them together.


For Mother’s Day, the most beautiful gifts are indeed flowers. The flowers you choose should be reflective of the feelings you have for your mother while also signifying the attributes of your mom’s character. Mix different varieties of flowers in a customized bouquet and make her blush with happiness at the sight of your efforts. Hopefully, the flowers mentioned in this article will help you in making your bouquet for Mother’s Day.