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which one mother


Sean O’Donnell and his partner Todd traded in the care free disco party days to start a family. After FBI checks, parenting classes and more, the pair went to Oregon to meet their delightful seven year old son for the first time. Sean and Todd became Dad and Papa respectively and immediately were thrown into this whirlwind we call parenting!

From hilarious and insightful questions from their little one to the everyday life of being Dads, no sooner had these two settled down when they found that they were going to be fathers again to a wonderful little five year old. How in two years does this dynamic duo go from partying all night to disco dance parties to settling down as a family? You will have to read the book! It’s funny, friendly and up to speed with how a same sex couple deals with the naive questions such as which one of them is the Mother.

What we love about this book, is that this couple are highlighting that normal comes in many forms. From crossing out the word “Mother” from doctor’s registration form and adding a second “father” to the trials and tribulations of the adoption process, this book is for all families to relate to. From adopting children at an older age, to suddenly being thrusted into watching your children’s sport games, Which One of You Is The Mother? can relate to all parents who want a good laugh at this wonderful and challenging life we call parenting.  You have to also visit Sean’s Big Gay Blog where you can keep up with the O’Donnell’s on everything parenting in Pittsburgh.


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