Whose Poo? Review

Two little mice siblings send Dad into a huff when they start wondering about the people in the world around them and “what poo they do.” This lyrical hilarious book is great for the child with sense of humor and is relatable to the parent who hears all about it.

Poo Talk

Is your child the one who talks about poop? It is very normal to hear your young one laughing at poo jokes and becoming a stand up comic when it comes to talking about everything and anything poo. This book hits that child with a ton of laughter and giggles and brings a bit of imagination of what kind of poo others do. It is a rhyming book so it can almost be sung like a song and the sibling mice are delightful and mischievous. Dad is not too amused but the little ones get to visit different places like the zoo and their imagination grows bigger and bigger.

The Come Back of Rhyming Books

Rhyming books are great and they are here to stay. Children everywhere really gravitate to the sing song pattern of a rhyming book. Rhymes allow children to imagine, fathom and memorize. Whose Poo? lets children be themselves and have a giggle and imagine.

The illustrations by Marianna Coppo are bright and easy to understand for even a toddler to enjoy. This is a book that you can ready with all ages.

If you are looking for a humorous book to compliment the humor with your child, choose Whose Poo? by the funny and witty Daisy Bird. New from Tundra.

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