Why Black Women Love Short Natural Hair – Thinking about natural hair care keeps some black women from going natural. Many “would-be” naturalistas, are looking for the easy natural hairstyle. Whether contemplating a protective style, box braids, flat twists or bantu knots, most want the assurance of easy natural hair care.

Regardless of what many black women were told, having short natural hair is one of the best ways to have the easiest natural hair care regimen hands-down. 

The word short has been given a bad rap in so many circles. We all know the saying, “you’re a day late and a dollar short.”   Who isn’t familiar with the phrase, “she has a short fuse?”

While this 5-letter word may stir up feelings of woe, when it comes to sporting a natural hair style, short natural hair for black women is a win!  The terms “Easy natural” and “short natural hair” are really one and the same.  Your hair does not have to be tailbone length and you don’t have to rock flat twists, box braids, or an afro puff…all polished off with your baby hairs!

Don’t get it twisted, having short hair does not mean you are short on looks! If the truth be told, less is actually more. With a short natural, you may find that you spend less time washing, less time styling, and less time creating a healthy night-time, natural hair care routine.

Now that we’ve settled that score, let’s explore how you can make the most of your short natural hair.

3 Ways To Make Your Short Natural Hair Shine!

Keep It Clean: Nothing shines when it’s dirty. Cars, diamonds, and especially your short natural hair!  I understand that everyone’s hair care regimen may be different.  I have found that product build-up and airborne toxins can also be called “shine-killers.” You may shampoo with sulfate or non-sulfate cleansers. Others may elect to co-wash. Whatever your decision, the first step for having any type of luster is to lose the dirt. 

Don’t Compare: I’ve come to realize that my move from permed to natural hair had to eventually impact my mind. I finally got it – processed hair care is not the same as natural hair care!  I knew this on a basic level. For some reason, though, I was still expecting my natural hair to have the same high-luster sheen after it was permed. Accept your short natural hair for what it is. It may look different, but it’s still beautiful!

Know Your Hair: There’s no need to get frustrated with your hair for not sporting a “high gloss” look. Here’s another approach – learn about the hair that you’ve got! I’ve been natural for 15 years and it has taken all of those years to learn what products make my natural hair shine. While many products don’t do the job,  I have found Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine to do the trick!  After rubbing some of the product in my hand and then throughout my hair,  I actually see a glow.  The neat thing about Nourish and Shine is that it takes care of my legs and arms too (smile)!

Now that we are clear that good hair is short natural hair and natural hairstyles that are clean as a whistle, let’s get practical and learn how to create your personal natural hair care regimen. Get ready for wash day!

3 Steps For Washing Your Short Natural Hair!

Here’s a true confession:

I did NOT like washing my natural hair!

Now don’t get me wrong;  I washed it when needed, but this was not my favorite task of the day. When I used a relaxer, washing was quite simple. Once the water hit my hair, the following sequence occurred: I’d rinse my hair and it remained straight;  I quickly lathered my hair;  I rinsed and conditioned my hair;  and I was done in record-time.

Now let’s fast-forward to my early saga of washing natural hair (smile). Once the water hit my hair, the following sequence occurred: I rinsed my hair and it immediately shrank; I quickly lathered my hair at least three times before I saw suds; I rinsed and conditioned my hair; I grew annoyed at the snarls and tangles; and I contemplated cutting it all off!

Since those early days of washing my hair myself, I finally found a system that works for me (*applause*).  Whether I wear it long or as a short natural, I’ve learned that the secret to washing my natural hair is all about technique.  Below are my 3 keys that open the door to a carefree, clean head of short natural hair:

Under “No” Condition?

I don’t even think about beginning to wash my natural hair until I slather it with conditioner. The slickness helps me to handle the tangles. Now here’s a tip: My natural hair care routine dictates that I purchase conditioner that is all-natural and as close to chemical-free as possible. Keep in mind that this conditioner is not a substitute for shampoo but is very helpful when starting my pre-wash detangling.

Divided We Stand

Who says division can’t lead to multiplication? My smiles definitely multiply when I divide my hair into sections. When I get ready to wash my natural hair, I don’t do a thing until I separate my hair.  I divide it into at least four sections and wash each section individually.  If you find that your short natural hair tangles easily, or you have several different textures – this could be a great way to have a great wash!

A “Brush” With Success

Once I’ve sectioned my hair, and washed it, the next step is styling.  Believe it or not, the brush has been the best tool that I have.  I highly recommend a type of Denman Brush.   I didn’t purchase the original brand because of the price point.  My knock-off, however, still does the trick.  When beginning to work through freshly washed and clean natural hair, always start brushing at the tip of your hair sections and work your way up to the root area.  You’ll find this type of brush really helpful because the combs are removable. In turn, this brush is adaptable for different types of natural hair curls and coils that black women have.

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