Plush Memories

By: Melanie Braga

Twitter: @melmbraga

As a first time mom, it is hard not to get attached to your baby’s clothes. I know personally, that there are many pieces that I have for Nikki that I just can’t part with as they have sentiment value. Sometimes it can get a little much and we end up with a pile of clothing that we know won’t be used again. So why not take some of the pieces and transform them into a teddy bear?

Nikki and I were so excited to come across, Plush Memories, who do exactly that! Plush Memories is located in Toronto, Canada which is our hometown. We had a chance to ask the owner and creator of Plush Memories, Shoshi, some questions on her unique business.

1. What does your company do?

We transform sentimental clothing into beautiful keepsake teddy bears. Many of our orders have been from parents that want to have a keepsake teddy bear made of their children’s baby clothing and/or blankets, or people who want to give them to others as a special gift. We also make special teddy bears from sentimental clothing from loved ones who have passed. Those seem to turn out extra special. Each bear is so unique and I love being able to re-use old clothing and transform it into a new keepsake teddy bear.

2. When did you start your business?

It is a fairly new, March 2015.

3. How did you come up with the idea?

I actually saw the idea on Facebook. Someone in the United States was making a similar product and I saw that many people were interested in ordering one and this person had posted that she could no longer take any more orders as she was overwhelmed. I did some research and saw that there was a need for someone to offer this sort of product locally, so I decided that person would be me.

4. What do you hope your business accomplishes with each bear?

I hope that each bear helps to preserve special sentimental items so that they can be cherished for a life time instead of being stored away where no one can see them.

5. How long does it take to do a bear?

Each teddy bear is a lot of work and typically takes two to three weeks to make.

6. If someone is interested in purchasing a teddy bear, what do they need to do?

They should contact me directly as we will need to discuss how many items need to be provided and which materials work best. The way they can reach me is either through my Facebook page, through my website or by email.




7. Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

I would like to expand the business to a wider market and be able to have more than one person sewing the teddy bears, this way they could be made and sent back faster. I also want to be able to offer embroidery and expand on the choices of keepsakes such as other kinds of animals, pillows and blankets.

8. How is your company unique?

My company is unique as it is able to create one of a kind products. Each one of the teddy bears is truly a custom creation. The only time that bears have ever been exactly the same was when it was made for twin boys as it was requested to have twin teddy bears.

In closing, Shoshi added, “I love seeing the look on my customer’s faces when they see their teddy bear for the first time. They always look amazed to see the clothing item that they knew so well, look different yet the same when it is transformed into a bear.”
Nikki and I highly recommend this company and give them 5 teddy bears out of 5! What a beautiful concept in creating a sentimental keepsake. We have placed our order and can’t wait to see it!
Special thank you to Shoshi for her time and professionalism. Did I mention she is also a new mom?! What an inspiring woman and mom!
– Momma Braga