Are you trying to find fun and quality programming for your toddler? Lottie Dottie Chicken is your answer!


Lottie Dottie is already a very famous chicken in Brazil. This YouTube sensation has had over 3 billion views and now Lottie Dottie is making its USA debut!


Lottie Dottie is adorable but the structure of the programming is perfect for toddlers. With an emphasis on bright colours/colors, rhyming patterns and attractive singing, Lottie Dottie helps your child learn while they’re being entertained.

Ideally for children aged 3-6 (we put a 2 year old in front of the video and she was very interested as well!) Lottie Dottie has a number of friends for you to fall in love with. Your toddler will learn how good it is to sing and learn.

This blue little chicken is making toddlers all around the world fall in love with the addictive songs and adventures!

Our favorite is Gigi Giraffe! See below…



We were also spoiled with this adorable Lottie Dottie plush toy. Let your child’s imagination continue after the DVD with their very own Lottie Dottie! It’s non toxic, non allergenic and guaranteed fun for your child!

lottie 2



We also encourage parents to allow their children to be exposed to different languages! Lottie Dottie comes in English, Spanish and Portuguese! You will be surprised how much your child will pick up.


The Baby Spot officially approves and recommends Lottie Dottie as an inspirational source of entertainment and information for your little ones! Click here to purchase the DVD and Blue Ray today!

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