If you haven’t yet started your baby registry, now is definitely the time to start thinking about it. There are probably a million stores you can think of to have your registry, but if you do, then that means you have to send out a million different baby registry links to your guests, right? Not necessarily! MyRegistry.com is the solution to the problem.

They are the world’s leading universal gift registry service that allows you to add gifts from anywhere in the world. What that means is you are able to have as many different store registries as you want, but they’re all managed in one convenient place! Plus, you’re not bombarding your friends and family with all those different registry links, which can not only be seen as rude by some people, but it’s just as inconvenient for them as it is for you to have to run around to different stores.

And now’s the perfect time to sign up with MyRegistry, because they just refreshed their entire website, giving their members a more immersive, state-of-the-art registry experience.

Their homepage now has a really fun, mint-green color palette with an updated logo, which gives the site a fresh, modern look. Along with the parallax scrolling efforts, its new, streamlined menus, and simplified navigation, it’s now easier and more user-friendly than ever to register for baby gifts.

They didn’t just update their look, however. Their famous sync feature, which allows members to seamlessly sync any of their existing store registries to their account, has also gone through a total makeover in the redesign. Now, it’s faster and way easier to sync your gift lists to your account.

And as always, you can take advantage of a store’s registry perks and enjoy the benefits of a universal registry at the same time. MyRegistry actually encourages you to create baby registries directly with retailers because so many of them offer amazing extras, such as completion discounts, free gifts, and more! They’re partnered with tons of your favorite retailers, like Macy’s, Target, Amazon, Costco, and Pottery Barn Kids, just to name a few.

And you don’t have to stop using it once a baby is born. A universal gift list is perfect for any occasion! Members always return to MyRegistry to make gift lists for their kids’ birthday parties (or even their own), holiday wish lists, housewarmings, just-for-fun, and even graduation… if you’re ready to think that far into the future!

Members of MyRegistry.com love having the flexibility to add from tons of different stores with virtually no hassle, and being able to have it all in one place to send their friends and family too. You can even add from stores that don’t have websites by downloading their mobile app, which turns your smartphone into a barcode scanner. Then, you can do it the old-fashioned way by scanning it in-store.

Trust us, you’ll love having a universal baby registry so much, you’ll wonder how people ever did it any other way.