For many young single Dads, finding the right person can be hard in their own age range. So many people on the dating scene can be very picky about young single people with kids. They think its baggage to have kids and can’t see beyond the family when meeting the person.  Everyone deserves to be on the dating scene and this stigma can stop the parent from having healthy dating relationships! Single parents deserve love too but there is a new strategy that young single parents are taking and it works.

When a woman is called a “cougar” it used to come with a negative image, but times have changed! A cougar is now someone who is in control of her relationships while she is dating younger people!

Younger, Single and a Parent

Younger single Dads are looking to date someone who is more mature and understands the importance of family. Dating an older woman who doesn’t mind that you have a ballet recital or a weekend with the kids can be a golden ticket.  Young Dads are now looking to mature older women or “cougars” to show them the love and affection that they deserve while being mature enough to understand that they have young children who depend on them. In retrospect, older women with kids are choosing to date younger men, men that are going to give them the space they deserve without the baggage of a nasty divorce and a jealous ex.

How are these people finding their mature older mates? It can be so hard finding someone, especially if you have been out of the dating scene for a long time. Many people have been out of the dating scene for years, sometimes decades and can feel lost on how to jump back in. People who are smart and savvy about getting back out there have a plan.  They are going to cougar dating sites. It’s empowering for people to pick a mate that they truly will like without the baggage. It is also discreet. People don’t have to have those awkward blind dates, they can go in the comfort of their own homes and browse different people and personalities and pick and choose who they want, without the pressure of face to face meetings. When you are online dating, you are safe to explore people that you match up with, before you go to meet them in person.

When you do take the dive to meet your potential mate in person, you already know a lot about them. Dating is always on your terms! We recommend to find your older partner online so you can have the control over meeting them and what information you give out. Always date safe!

Why Date Older

An older person can understand what you get through and know that life has its challenges and does not always go as planned. A younger person may not understand that you have other commitments, like children or a regular job and not be as forgiving when you can attend that spontaneous event or trip abroad.

A cougar is about having fun, knowing that experiences are about making memories. The dating game has changed but don’t be shy! You don’t have to be lost trying to join groups or hobbies. Avoid awkward first moments by going to My Cougar Dates. Everything is at the tip of your fingers in the comfort of your own home.