Whether our children are going out to play with friends or they are dressing up for a birthday party, we make sure they have the cutest shoes! However, many of us neglect the fact that our children need comfortable shoes that support their little arches. This is why we love Pediped!


Divided into three categories, First Steps 0-24 months (US 2.5-6) , Next Steps (EU 19-23) (US 4-7 kids) and Big StepsEU 22-38 (US 6 kids-6 youth) each shoe is designed to give your child the proper support as they grow. Pediped incorporates the fact that your toddler will become a walker and eventually a runner and their shoes are their for your child, every step of the way.


With so many styles and patterns, your tot to your preteen will find the perfect shoes to suit the occasion! Pediped has shoes for school, boots for those cold and rainy days, comfort shoes, sneakers and shoes for those fancy parties and events!

Pediped makes it easy for you to measure your child’s feet. By clicking here you will find four easy ways to measure your child’s foot!




We love Pediped’s unique shoe design for children. You can’t find these trendy, adorable fun shoes anywhere else that provide a whole other level of comfort.



Your children are in an integral stage for development. They want to learn to walk, run and play in shoes that look good but more importantly, feel good. That is why The Baby Spot thinks Pediped has the best shoes for kids!