Winter Is Here: Keep Your Family Home Warm and Healthy

By: Chloe Taylor

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Kids associate winter with snow days, sledding, Christmas presents and all sorts of great stuff. Adults, however, have other things in mind. They are stressing about sky-high heating bills and the reduced indoor air quality that can have a poor impact on their children’s health. And they have good reasons to be worried. Families, especially with small kids, tend to turn up the heat during the cold winter days which makes the numbers on the bills keep growing. The very heating and other outside factors are changing the quality of the air inside, taking us, thus, from one problem to another. Here are some tips that should help you keep your home warm and healthy during the cold winter days.

Prevent the Heat from Leaving the House

A poorly insulated house can cause the loss of several hundreds of dollars per year for heating. Insulation check is something that you should’ve done even before the winter arrived, but it is better late than never. Of course, now you don’t have enough time for full-blown insulation, but try at least to add a layer to your attic. Check for air gaps around the doors and windows and seal them, since those are the most frequent places where heat leaves the house. You can also install special window treatments to retain the heat within your home.

Free the Heat Sources of Obstructions

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That couch maybe looks best in front of the radiator, but it is also blocking the heat from spreading across the room. In order to make sure that the warm air will reach you, you have to free the radiators, heat vents and registers of obstructions, such as furniture and clothes.

Create the Illusion of Warmth

Warmth can sometimes be a matter of perception. If you look at an empty white room with nothing but two bare furniture pieces, you will get the chills in a second. But, when you are in a rustic room with cozy furniture, faux fur and cowhide rugs, a bunch of throw pillows and knitted accessories, you will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Dress in Layers

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This goes for the entire family. You are probably already dressing in layers when going to work or school, so it wouldn’t hurt to put on a cardigan or a sweater and an extra pair of knitted socks when at home. Also, you should be aware that certain fabrics are better at keeping you warm than the others, so try to equip your family members with enough cotton and wool clothing.

Bake Something

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Warm food keeps you warm, but cooking has even greater benefits in winter. The mere fact that the oven or stove are heating up means that they are lending some of that heat to your house. To get the most of it leave the oven open after you are done with preparing food.

Use a Humidifier

Heating solutions can significantly dry out the air, and dry air feels much cooler than humid. Fight this negative effect by using a humidifier. Another useful way to add some moisture to the air is not to turn on the exhaust fan after you are done showering.

Purify the Air

Winter is the season when the house isn’t ventilated often in order to keep in the heat, which makes it much more difficult to let the fresh air in. It is also the time when the number of pollutants in indoor air increases, because of heating systems, fireplaces, and dust mites. Besides adding air-purifying indoor plants to your décor, consider getting air purifiers, at least for the kids’ room and the living room where the family spends the most time.

Increase the Vitamin C Intake

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It is very common for both the kids and the adults to struggle with weakened immune system during the winter months. One of the best immunity-boosters should be constantly available in your house to help you keep your family healthy. Hot beverages with lemon, orange and grapefruit will not only warm you up, but also protect you from flu.

Keeping the house warm and healthy during the winter is every parent’s priority. Fortunately, that can be done without drastic increase of the household’s expenses.