Learning to live with a grateful heart after loss and grief…

without my mum

As parents, some of us have our own parents for guidance, love and friendship. However, when author Leigh Van Der Horst lost her own Mother to cancer in 2008, she takes us on a journey that includes heartbreak, beauty and inspiring. You are never alone if you’re a Motherless woman or particularly a Motherless Mother.

We want to state that no one gets over the loss of a parent, but one can definitely get through it. What we loved about this book was after every diary entry, we could see the author getting through it, little by little, over time. This can give great hope and comfort to the reader, who might be mourning the loss of a parent his or herself.

We cried as we read the diary entries from the first few months. We can only imagine what the author and millions of other parents who have lost parents go through, trying to keep the family together while trying to sort out your own grief. After every diary entry, we felt ourselves nodding in agreement, so happy to see the author and her family sort through the feelings of anger, grief, sorrow and loss so honestly.

This book is a great friend to those who lost a parent and a great resource for those who have not, but are looking to understand a friend or family member who has lost their parent. Since it is the experience of author Leigh Van Der Horst, we applaud her for the detailed version of getting through her loss. She is going to help a lot of people.

Expect to cry, expect to understand and expect to walk away with the tools to begin to heal. It’s a great book and you can buy it here.