As a parent, it can be hard to work out around your child’s schedule. Even though you may run around your family all day, you need something more but you don’t want to miss out on those precious hours with your kids. Yoga Pretzels has 50 fun activities for kids and grownups and now you and your child can work out together while having a lot of fun!

You and your child will learn to relax, pose and meditate together. These games encourage children to use their imagination, to think and to focus, while creating some wonderful poses engaging their core. Use Yoga Pretzels inside or outside!

“Yoga Pretzels is a fantastic way to spend quality time with my kids. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with children.”-Catherine Zeta-Jones

We love some of the takes on classic yoga poses. Warrior friends is a fun interactive pose with two people that is guaranteed fun and some giggles.

We love that Yoga Pretzels is small and portable! It can easily fit into a purse to take with you! Bring it to the park, use it for a birthday party or a ‘just because’ day with family.

This is yet another great project published by Barefoot Books by Tara Guber  and Leah Kalish and introduced by Baron Baptiste.

If you are looking for a great workout with your family or just to have a fun day with your kids, inside or outside, practice Yoga Pretzels today!