As new parents we crave energy. The late night feedings can be a challenge and if you are a parent who has a baby with separation anxiety, this can take away from precious bonding time.
Another great find from Celebrity Baby Trends can ease your troubles! babybay is a wonderful bedside sleeper for parents who want to keep their baby close,safe and comforted when sleeping. Mom or Dad gets a better rest too!
babybay is 100% earth friendly and converts into a child’s modern bench. For parents who want to keep their babies, close, safe and comforted while sleeping! babybay is the bedside sleeper that let’s parents soothe and nurse their newborn without getting out of bed. Both parents and babies are relaxed and get to enjoy that special bonding time during cuddles or feedings!


Sleep is so important to both parents and babies. Give yourself the rest you and baby need so you can focus on what is most important, your time with your newborn!