You Are a Beautiful Beginning

A beautiful book that will inspire each and every little mind in your house! You Are a Beautiful Beginning has eye popping artwork, lyrical storytelling and everlasting friendships. Your child will feel confident and comfortable with themselves, the important people around them and the community that they live in.

Don’t be surprised if your child starts to notice all of the beautiful little things on walks in the forest or in the community around them. Watch as they see that the world around them comes alive when they just give it a second glance.

It is Not the Destination but the Journey

Author Nina Laden creates a beautiful story of children learning to love themselves, each other and the world around them. These lifelong lessons are digestible for children but will resonate for them for the rest of their lives. Illustrator Kelsey Garrity-Riley creates beautiful art throughout the book, where your eyes are dancing around the page.

This book is full of whimsy and gives a feeling of togetherness. For your small ones, ask them to find some of the small creatures, critters and insects on each page. Your older ones will be enchanted with all of the characters and the beautiful words.

In the end, children of all ages will realize their true potential. This book is perfect to read right before bed. Laden has a way of writing that is so meditative, you will be sending your child to sleep filled with positivity and good thoughts? Remember, your story is only beginning! Another great book by Macmillan.

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Have your children tell you what their favorite thing to do is. They cannot mention something that involves electronics or toys. Why is this their favorite thing to do?