Bedtime can be a hard time to get your children to settle down. Your children need to sleep but the majority of children do not get to bed on time! Some children even wake up many times throughout the night while others have restless sleeps. It could be their mattress. The 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System may be your answer.

The 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System

The 5 Little Monkeys have developed a sleep system that creates the ideal sleeping environment for your child. When Rachel Urso from Celebrity Baby Trends introduced us to this brand, we knew that this was not only going to give your child a good night sleep, but also change a child’s life with a better rest.

Enter a whole new system! The 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System includes a triple-layered mattress using CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam. It has a waterproof mattress protector and custom fill pillow.


5 Little Monkeys Sleep System:The mattress’s features

The mattress has cutting-edge temperature regulating technology to keep little bodies comfortable and cozy.  The removable and washable mattress cover, made with organic cotton, ensures years of good sleep hygiene.  For added protection and comfort, the waterproof mattress protector is made with soft organic jersey knit and comes alongside a custom filled pillow, which is anatomically correct for smaller bodies.

The mattress is allergy proof and water proof. It is temperature responsive and has cradling support. The cradling support includes a unique cradling technology to reduce your little ones restless movement and uncomfortable sleep positions.

Change the way your child sleeps by getting The 5 Little Monkey’s Sleep System. A good sleep can change your life, so start your child early.