Zap! Nikola Tesla Takes Charge

It’s time to inspire the budding scientist in your family. Zap! Nikola Tesla Takes Charge is guaranteed not only to educate you and your child, but to inspire the budding curious child in your home.

It Started With a Poem

This book by Monica Kulling begins with a wonderful poem about Tesla himself. “It’s Magic, It’s Mystery” will be a new mantra in your home.

Learn more about this Croatian born “Niko”, who inspired the world. His determination is something to be admired but it was not without a lot of hard work and disappointment.

Thomas Edison in a New Light

Thomas Edison was no friend to Nikola Tesla. Your children will be surprised to hear this but they will learn that there are definite struggles throughout life as you are trying to achieve your dream. This real life struggle was an eye opener for both myself and my little ones. It is a tough but important lesson to learn that not everyone will be by your side throughout your journey, but that ultimately, you are your best friend on your path to greatness. Believing in yourself means giving yourself assurance even when people seem against your great ideas. Pushing and persevering through is the answer that Nikola Tesla teaches.

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Your Kids Will Be Inspired

Seeing how hard Nikola Tesla worked will inspire your child to get creative with experiments and how to see a need and to fill a need. If you have young children, expect to have a fun time researching electricity with your child and learning about direct current and alternating current.

Tundra Books puts out a fun, real and educational read for children. Learn the story behind the man and be inspired about science. Children and adults alike will be surprised about Tesla’s story, his determination and appreciate his passion and unmeasurable work ethic.

This book is what Niko attests, its magic, and its mystery and ultimately, it needs to be on your family book shelf.