By: Momma Braga

On September 23rd, The Baby Spot and Momma Braga got inside access to the ever so popular Baby Show Toronto at the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place. We were excited to see the latest products, vendors, workshops and seminars at our fingertips in one convenient space.

We arrived at the beginning of the show and we could tell it was going to be a busy day as more people arrived. The layout was beautifully designed where it made it flow easier for the crowds. It truly is a popular show!  

We grabbed a map from the start which helped guide us and helped us highlight the vendors that we just had to make sure we stopped by at. We couldn’t help but notice that there were all sorts of businesses in attendance such as baby strollers, furniture, clothes, diapers, photography, schools, creative items and so much more.

Momma Braga’s new favorite mug by A Little Leafy.

There were giveaways and great discounts that the vendors offered so it was impossible to not walk away with anything. I even got myself a mug and some other great, and unique products. It wasn’t hard to notice that many of the businesses featured were small and local shops which we absolutely loved! Each vendor that we visited was very informative about their products and it was neat to see how much things have changed in three years (since I have had my daughter). It almost makes you want to have another baby just to try out all these new products!

Everyone was great but we did have some favorites that we want to quickly mention.

Nice Bench Co is a company that creates handmade benches and they are made by a kidpreneur who donates partial proceeds to childhood cancer causes. How great is that! We will be writing more on them soon.  


A Little Leafy is the place that I got my mug and an adorable bib for my soon-to-be niece saying, “Lil’ Slice.” I could have purchased so much more but I had to refrain myself as I didn’t know what else I was going to encounter. They are a place to check out if you are into “punny” and creative items. Will be featuring them soon too.

bbluv offers a variety of different baby products and our favorite was their gorgeous and convenient diaper bag. It offers it all in one. You have to see it and other neat products that they offer. 

Cloud DX got my attention especially since I had high blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy resulting in delivering two weeks earlier then expected. Cloud DX has a monitoring system where it tracks your blood pressure, weight, heart rate, heart rate variability and cardiac anomalies. It really is an amazing product and we will be featuring a special series on this soon. Stay tuned! 

Mimos Pillow is a really cool product that many parents should know about it as its a pillow that helps prevent and correct positional skull deformities in babies. You will be learning much more about them soon too. 

Last but definitely not least is Modern Eternity which sells a really awesome winter jacket that not only fits a pregnant you but also adjusts to fit the everyday you after baby. It was so great that our writer Karen purchased one since she is expecting over the winter and it looks great on her!

Not only were there great vendors but there were great speakers as well. The topics were all fantastic and informative such as: Baby Proofing Your Home, Car Seat Safety, First Aid Essentials in the First Year and Beyond, Being Pregnant Doesn’t Have to Hurt, Baby Massage – Communicate Your Love Through Touch, How To Stay Happy And Healthy After Baby Is Born, How To Plan For Labour And Birth and Whole Birth Approach. There was so much to learn and to be inspired with!

Our favorite seminar was Dr. Sarah Mickeler from West End Mamas who gave tips on how to cope with some of the pregnancies pains and she did with a lot of class and humor. Those are the best combinations for a seminar!

Overall, we had an amazing time and we call it the epic Baby Show as they managed to cover it all for new parents. If you missed the Fall season, don’t worry as they will be back in the Spring of 2018 and I am sure it will be just as great or even better.

Special thank you to The Baby Show Toronto for having us there and giving us the inside access!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!